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Week 2: Interstitial Cystitis, Neurogenic Bladder, Bladder Infections & UTIs


Interstitial Cystitis Resources



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Bladder Infection and Urinary Tract Infection Resources


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Neurogenic Bladder Resources

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Patient Perspectives From Our Patient Advocacy Partners

“他不在情报系统监视范围内,”总理补充道。 By Meaghan M.
I Kept Getting UTIs After Sex By Juliet R.
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从暴利时代走入常态 中国房地产行业风险可控 By Melissa Kramer
海外照明巨头出售业务 中国资本整合机会到来 By Annett B.
My Chronic, Embedded UTI Story By Anna T.
排名:第四 By Lisa King

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  • #InterstitialCystitis effects between 1 to 4 million men and 3 to 8 million women in the U.S. Learn more here: #BladdersMatter
  • There's no cure for #InterstitialCystitis, but treatments options may help control symptoms. Get the facts: #BladdersMatter
  • Interstitial Cystitis is a chronic health problem that feels like a UTI but does not respond to antibiotics. Also called, painful bladder syndrome, IC can affect anyone. Get the facts about IC symptoms & treatments at: #BladdersMatter
  • #BladderInfections are the most common type of #UTI in women & occur in any part of the urinary tract. #BladdersMatter
  • Each year, #UTIs account for more than 8.1 million doctor visits. Follow #BladdersMatter for more info.
  • Guys, gals and kids can get #UTIs, but gals are 4x more likely than men to get one. Learn more: #BladdersMatter
  • 10-in-25 women and 2-in-25 men will have at least one #UTI in their lifetime. Get the facts:
  • Millions of Americans have #NeurogenicBladder. Learn more about this condition: #BladdersMatter
  • In people with #NeurogenicBladder, the nerves and muscles don't work together very well. As a result, the bladder may not fill or empty correctly. Read our fact sheet on this condition here: #BladdersMatter

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