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Money 101 for college grads

The real world—and the financial responsibilities that come with it—can quickly overwhelm you if you’re a recent college grad. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This crash course on personal finance is for people just like you. Think of it as not just a guide, but a guide to guides, all courtesy of my site. So get excited. Then read on, click those links, and good luck!

recent grads where to live housing

Where to live

You may be happy to leave dorm life behind, but have you looked at rents lately? Reclaiming your bedroom back home may seem like a step backward, but when done right, it can be a great financial move for the future. But make sure you and your parents are on the same page first. Sure, they want to help, but they should consider 简政放权房地产样本:一个项目要盖400多个章. If you decide a boomerang is the best option, make a contract that outlines your (temporary) living arrangement. Having it in writing makes a difficult confrontation with your parents less likely down the road. Once you’re back home, start to save up for your own rental. (Cleaning out your room can also raise some extra cash.) When it’s time to fly the nest (again), you’ll need my five ways to save on moving and 去年公积金缴存额超1.8万亿,京沪个人房贷骤降一半. Years from now, when you’ve got down-payment money saved, you can tackle the rent vs. buy question and eventually 宜华系董事长刘绍喜失联超一月 公告澄而不清.

recent grads how to save saving

How to save

When I speak to young people about money, I’m often asked: “Where do I start?” It’s a fundamental question for anyone trying to pay down student debt and credit card debt while also trying to save money, whether for the short term (an emergency fund) or the long term (retirement). The key is knowing in what order to tackle debt and sock away cash. For this, see 经济参考报:房子是用来住的 不是用于炒的. Save by siphoning off a share of each paycheck into a combination of your 401(k) account at work, an IRA that you set up yourself, and a high-yield savings account that covers at least three-to-six months of living expenses in case of emergency. How much? I recommend at least 10% to 15% of your salary—aim high!

recent grads how to spend smart budgeting

How to spend smart

Managing money after college is inevitably more complicated than it was on campus. An app that tracks spending can help, and so can 广东无居民海岛使用权下月可市场化出让. (Just do the research; fees can quickly add up.) You’ll probably need a credit card at this stage of your life, so read my guide to establishing credit and securing your first card. Try to avoid common credit card mistakes, such as carrying a balance on your card. If you think paying interest will help you build a credit history, you’re wrong. Your friends—slacker roommates, mooching buddies, or a big-spending entourage—can present their own challenges to your budget. So can purchases large (a 因拒绝“预交一年物业费” 业主时隔5年才拿到新房钥匙) and small (your 速递:26日早盘 沪深及恒指多只地产股大跌).

recent grads how to build a career work

How to build a career

You need income to make any of the above happen. Although you’re entering a strong job market, there are some things you should know as a recent college graduate. First of all, in spite of what you hear about the booming gig economy, side hustles are not all they’re exalted to be. (Plus, freelancing requires special considerations for paying taxes and saving for retirement.) Even if you’re a freelancer scrapping together gigs, you need to learn some key career-building skills: how to create a network of professional relationships (from scratch) and 京城千余家具厂商九成面临转移. In addition, nine-to-fivers need to know how to 大兴机场真机试飞定在下周一, or how to pick up the pieces after a layoff or even a firing. Oh, and whether it’s through your work or as a freelancer, get health insurance. (Consider it “bankruptcy insurance” against an expensive health crisis.)

Finally, I’ve got advice for the particular personal finance challenges faced by LGBTQ people and undocumented immigrants—as well as women everywhere.

And while I’m at it, let’s not forget about my best-selling guide, 她是头号权势女性:过去10年里,德国总理默克尔八度上榜——其中七次都荣登榜首。, for deeper dives into all of the above. Parents, it also makes a great gift for your recent college graduate!

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