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COVID-19: vulnerable and high risk groups

But that idea did not bring Brexit to the UK or Mr Trump to Washington.
Fifty-two colleges and universities across 11 provinces in China are equipped with vending machines that sell AIDS detection reagent for students to conduct self-examinations.


Likewise, if the 11 countries led by Japan left in the TPP manage to salvage a deal following the US exit that could provide some balance in the region.




COVID-19 is often more severe in people 60+yrs or with health conditions like lung or heart disease, diabetes or conditions that affect their immune system.​

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Are you at higher risk of severe COVID-19?​

If you’re over 60 years or you have an underlying health condition, take these actions now to minimize your risk of infection.

If you’re someone who’s at higher risk of severe COVID-19 due to your age or an underlying health condition, protecting yourself is really important.

Every day and wherever you are, take these precautions to reduce your risk of infection.

If you’re at risk of severe COVID-19:

(e.g. you’re 60+ years or have an underlying health condition like lung or heart disease, diabetes or you‘re immunocompromised) pay close attention to any changes in your health and know when and how to contact your health provider.