Enterprise Mobile Security & DevSecOps

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Enterprise Mobile Security

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Still spending your mobile security budget searching for malware?

So here are the main items to take into consideration if you’re trying to develop a business platform. These elements constitute will support a smart strategy for any new enterprise:

Vulnerabilities in the Top 100 Mobile Apps vs. Malware

M2: Insecure Data Storage (iOS)

Vulnerabilities detected

M7: Client Code Quality (iOS)

Vulnerabilities detected

M3: Insecure Communication (android)

Vulnerabilities detected

M5: Insufficient Cryptography (android)

Vulnerabilities detected

Security vulnerabilities are found even in the most popular apps. When is the last time you discovered mobile malware on a managed enterprise device? Save time and money, make security decisions based on facts, not fear.

Automatically identify vulnerable mobile apps and take action before it's too late.

Kryptowire Features

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  • 930新政与降息引导楼市预期向好 支撑下半年回暖
  • 房企“结盟”避险 业内:前期还可以避免抬高地价
  • Secure Mobile DevOps
  • No source code required
  • Pass/fail evidence down
    to the line of code
  • 北新建材龙牌矿棉吸声板销量突破“双百”大关
  • Automated Compliance testing
    for NIAP, HIPAA, GDPR, and OWASP
  • MDM Integration
  • REST API for integration with
    third-party tools and custom workflows


Kryptowire is proud to participate in the DHS S&T Mobile Security R&D program.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) workforce has become increasingly mobile, driving the need for secure mobility solutions and a coordinated approach and framework to guide the selection and implementation of common enterprise mobility solutions. To accelerate the safe and secure adoption of mobile technology within DHS and the federal government, the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) created the Mobile Security research and development (R&D) Program.