# Problem Worksheet Combined Description
B-5.01 pdf pdf excel Sales, returns and allowances
B-5.02 pdf pdf excel Sales discounts
B-5.03 pdf pdf excel Purchase transactions, business papers, net vs. gross
B-5.04 pdf pdf excel Sales and freight cost
B-5.05 pdf pdf excel Purchases and freight cost
B-5.06 pdf pdf excel Calculating values for a merchandising income statement
B-5.07 pdf pdf excel Preparing a merchandising income statement
B-5.08 pdf pdf excel Closing entries
B-5.09 pdf pdf excel Perpetual inventory
B-5.10 pdf pdf excel Single-step and multiple-step income statements
B-5.11 pdf pdf excel Profit margin analysis
B-5.12 pdf pdf excel Control structure



# Problem Worksheet Combined Description
I-5.01 pdf pdf excel Comprehensive merchandising entries
I-5.02 pdf pdf excel Gross vs. net recording of purchases, entries and reporting
I-5.03 pdf pdf excel Merchandising income statement and closing
I-5.04 pdf pdf excel Perpetual inventory vs. periodic inventory
I-5.05 pdf pdf excel Single-step and multiple-step income statements, profit margins
I-5.06 pdf pdf excel Team-based study of controls



  Problem Description
1 excel Self-Grading Problem



Description Problem                              
Sales Terminology and Concepts excel                              
Gross v. Net Entries and Impact excel                              
Buyer and Seller Entries excel                              
Calculating Cost of Goods Sold excel                              
Detailed Income Statement excel                              
Closing Accounts with Debits and Credits excel                              
Comparing Periodic and Perpetual Systems excel                              
Analysis of Profit Margins excel                              
Control Strengths and Weaknesses excel                              


China had a full-year GDP target of “around 6.5 per cent” for 2017.
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Game of Thrones
5.Paperpot Transplanter

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