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South Dakota Voters Approve Both Medical and Adult-Use Access

Gary Oldman's first film as director in 20 years, and only his second ever, is a biopic of the pioneering 19th-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, focusing on the affair between his wife, Flora, and Harry Larkyns, the theatre critic he kills. No casting confirmed, but Oldman had been chasing Ralph Fiennes and Benedict Cumberbatch. The man himself will play Muybridge's prosecutor.

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The excitement was triggered by a Reuters story that cited documents about the potential transaction as the source of its information. Samsung actually has made at least one play for BlackBerry BBRY -19.77% before, in 2012. As to this latest rumor, the alleged takeover target was the first to refute that a deal is in the works.

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Recreational And Medical Cannabis Legalization Continues To Spread across the US

One in three US citizens will soon be living in states where recreational cannabis is legal, while around 70% of the population will have access to some form of medical cannabis. That’s after electors in five states voted in November’s ballots to pass medical and recreational cannabis initiatives.............. Read More...