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Brickade Truck - Finance and Felony DLC

Author: AltSierra117
Date: 09.06.2016
Downloads: 5295
Filesize: 6.47 MB

10.00 based on 4 votes

► Important! ◄
This was tested on the GTA V Steam version v1.0.678.1 and it works 100% fine, please read carefully how this mod works before complaining about that doesn't work. If you find something wrong or you have any suggestions, please leave in the comment section with hashtag @MrReese The modder AltSierra117

This vehicle was extracted and imported to a single DLC only for people who wants to enjoy the biggest and badass truck ever made by ►Rockstar Games◄

How to Install:
→ Copy and paste the folder "brickade" to "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/"
→ Open update.rpf with OpenIV and locate the file "mods/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml", go to the end of the file and add the next command, which can be found inside of the How to install file.

To simply spawn, use Simple Trainer for GTA V to spawn vehicles by it's model name brickade

Hope you enjoy.
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Version 1.0 Changes:
→ First Release.

Mod Report

和过去几年相比,2013年信心受到动摇的时候少了,但市场依然很容易受到影响。OppenheimerFunds的首席经济学家韦布曼(Jerry Webman)表示,虽然2013年的信心要强于以往,但全球各地也不都是这样。

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Brickade Truck - Finance and Felony DLC
Brickade Truck - Finance and Felony DLC Brickade Truck - Finance and Felony DLC Brickade Truck - Finance and Felony DLC

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