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Texas A&M Aggies pause activities after multiple positive coronavirus tests

Texas A&M will not practice Monday because of multiple positive COVID-19 tests within the program, coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday.

The Aggies have two positive tests of individuals who traveled with the team for its win at South Carolina on Saturday -- one player and one student worker -- the team announced. The team will meet and do video review virtually on Monday while they quarantine players and perform contact tracing procedures.

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In total, the team currently has three positive tests, the two discovered Sunday and one of sophomore defensive back Demani Richardson, who Fisher said had to miss Saturday's game because of his positive test last week. Richardson did not travel to South Carolina and is unlikely to be available for Saturday's game vs. Tennessee.

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Additionally, Fisher said the team will be without defensive lineman Micheal Clemons this weekend because of surgery he had on an ankle injury. Clemons currently leads the Aggies in sacks (four) and tackles for loss 4.5. Fisher did not offer an exact timetable on Clemons's absence but hinted that it's likely to be at least three weeks.

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