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8 Anti-Inflammatory Egg Recipes You Should Make This Month For Weight Loss

March 3, 2018 by Alonna Travin
shefinds | Food

It’s no secret how much we love eggs and Julie Andrews, The Gourmet RD, agrees with us. “Is there anything as satisfying as a super-runny, fresh yolky egg?” she asks. “It’s, like, nature’s perfect sauce, and eggs automatically make whatever you put them on breakfast.” One egg has 7 grams of protein plus vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Eggs keep your blood sugar steady and provide nutrient-dense energy to keep you satiated. Eating eggs (the yolk included!) any time of day is a delicious and simple way to advance your weight loss goals. Try these recipes for egg-cellent inspiration!

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egg recipes weight loss

Breakfast Casserole

This super filling, egg-based casserole is truly breakfast your way. Andrews loads hers with bacon, peppers, spinach, hash browns, cheese and broccoli. You can use any variety of leafy greens and colorful veggies that you prefer. This is a great time to try something new! The one ingredient not to swap out: cottage cheese. It adds extra protein and helps with consistency. Bake a 9x12 tray and you have breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for a week.

egg recipes weight loss

Waffle Egg Sandwich

Waffles haven’t been a part of our world for years. We’d rather maintain our waistlines than ruin it with bad carbs. But Andrews has revived the waffle and uses it to make a classic egg sandwich. By using cauliflower crumbles you can make a healthy waffle and then top it with an even healthier egg. Throw on a few slices of avocado, sautéed sweet onions and a pinch of cheese. We dare you to add sriracha.

egg recipes weight loss

Ginger Egg Soup

Eggs even go in soup! Take that homemade bone broth out of the freezer (or use store-bough chicken stock). By adding fresh ginger, garlic, bok choy (or another green), mushrooms and soy sauce you have a soothing and satisfying base in which to poach an egg. Try this recipe from The Kitchn.

egg recipes weight loss

Egg Muffin Cups

We love to cook meals once and eat them for days. These eggs cups from Show Me The Yummy are the perfect fit. Prep a muffin tin with some no-stick spray. Next dream up your favorite veggie combo or just riffle through the fridge and see what you have hanging around. Today is might be kale, chickpeas, barley, broccoli, and sweet potato. Tomorrow it’s spinach with cheddar cheese, mushrooms and dried tomatoes. Sautee the ingredients in a large pan and put it aside. Whisk up a load of eggs in a large bowl and pour the veggies in. This way you can make sure everything is evenly distributed when you fill the muffin pan. Keep extras in the fridge. An egg muffin and an apple make a nice afternoon snack.

egg recipes weight loss

Breakfast Tostadas

Have you ever seen huevos rancheros on a menu? This is a healthier version and so easy to make at home. Broil some tostadas until they start to brown and bubble. This is the base for a Mexican-inspired meal that highlights eggs. Andrews uses green chilies, black beans, avocado and salsa to dress up the eggs. We’d throw on a bit of last night’s shredded chicken and some queso fresco.

egg recipes weight loss


Eggs fit in with all the flavors of the world. Right now we’re deeply in love with Middle Eastern shakshuka, a one-pan egg dish with tomatoes, red peppers, onions garlic and spices with a kick. Daring eaters can add jalapeno or hot sauce. The eggs are poached in the sauce and it’s incredibly easy to cook. Chickpeas and feta cheese on the side add great flavors. Try this version from Smitten Kitchen.

egg recipes weight loss

Quinoa Fried Rice & Egg

Are you getting tired of quinoa? Let’s get it back in your good graces with this copycat fried rice recipe from Show Me The Yummy. Instead of white rice with loads of oil, butter and scrambled eggs, the quinoa is sautéed in anti-inflammatory coconut oil. Powerful seasoning gives the “rice” flavor: onion, garlic, carrot, ginger, sriracha, soy sauce, rice vinegar and edamame. Cook a runny egg and place it on the finished product. It will change your relationship with quinoa.

egg recipes weight loss

Egg Skillets

Any meal can benefit from the addition of an over easy egg. Truly. Andrews knows that busy people want to eat healthy, good tasting food. And she thinks cooking in a skillet, then topping the meal with eggs, is the answer. We agree. She has devised three recipes: black beans and sweet potatoes, turkey sausage and cannellini beans, and Mediterranean ground lamb with feta. You don’t need to stick with the ingredients – play with the idea of a skillet meal as a healthy vehicle for eggs.

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