Mumbai, May 5: Service giant L&T posted its Q4 results on Thursday, recording a record gain. For the Financial year, 2016-17, L&T Finance Holdings Ltd reported an increase in its Return on Equity (RoE) by 253 bps. This was attained as the company, which got listed in July last year, rose from  9.78% in FY16 to 12.31% in FY17. Also Read - This is the second time that both enterprises and institutions have adjusted basic pension, since the first simultaneous adjustment in 2016.

The performance proved highly beneficial for shareholders, who saw an increase in their returns by 40 per cent. While the consolidated Profit After Tax (PAT) for shareholders was Rs. 656 crore in FY16, it increased to Rs. 918 crore in FY17. Also Read - *剧情类最佳客串男演员:汉克?阿兹利亚(Hank Azaria),《清道夫》(Ray Donovan)

多国禁红木原料出口 红木家具升值预期高 Dinanath Dubhashi, Managing Director & CEO, LTFH, said “FY17 was a year of the turnaround, a year of decisive changes in businesses and in the organisation’s culture. This has also been a year where we rebuilt credibility with shareholders. The single goal that drives us at LTFH is that of achieving top quartile RoE with execution centred on what we call “Results and not Reasons”. Also Read - 的确,这种兴奋会导致上述团体的成员做出不切实际的声明。一些比特币开发者和投资者宣称,五年内,各大银行将接受比特币。比特币钱包Blockchain公司首席运营官彼得o史密斯承认,上述说法有些夸张。史密斯表示:“我听到很多预测称,很快全世界都将使用比特币,这些预测大都不现实。我们正试图做的,是一个相当大胆的生态系统,所以这将需要很长的时间。”

He added, “FY18 will be a year where we would be investing in strengthening our competitiveness. The strengths we have built would enable us to take dominant positions in select products and drive our growth engine. I am confident that we will reach our goal of delivering top quartile RoE to our shareholders by FY2020 or even earlier.”

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Ahead of the release, economists at ANZ said they expected inflation to pick up in January owing to rising food prices, and the low commodity prices would weigh on the CPI.
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