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The best 4K movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime

It's (Amazon) Prime Time for 4K film and television.

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Brenden Gallagher 

Brenden Gallagher

For now, D'Aloisio isn't touching the money. 'I'm too young to appreciate the value of it,' he insists. 'I don't have a mortgage, I'm 17. To me, a hundred pounds is a lot. Take that as a benchmark.' Though he's not allowed to comment on Summly's sale price, when pressed he allows that he might one day like to deploy his newfound riches as an angel investor. No one around him seems to think there's a danger that the money will ruin him or that he'll be tempted to spend the rest of his life dissipating on a beach. 'He's pretty well grounded. You wouldn't believe how frugal he is,' says Diane. 'He's got a great engine,' says Lou. 'He won't stop at this.'

HD is now the standard for TV, film, and most videos streaming online, but some people have already jumped over to 4K—a resolution four times higher than 1080p, the standard for HD. The resolution is approximately 4,000 pixels horizontally, hence the name. While mainstream television has yet to focus significantly on it, 4K resolution is gaining traction on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

4K isn’t something everyone can boot up instantly, though. For one, you 密集调控后明年楼市或迎新一轮调整降温 and set it up properly before you can start to watch 4K quality TV—your internet browser won’t cut it. Once you’ve got that covered, you’ll 北京扩大共有产权养老社区试点 将配备社区医院和幼儿园 that’s at least 25 megabits per second to enjoy 4K content.

amazon 4k menu

How do you start streaming 4K content on Amazon? Visit the 4K Store on and then click on “4K on Prime Video” to see all of their 4K offerings and shop their various 4K products.

American brands such as Chipotle, Texas Instruments and General Dynamics are on the list for the first time.
2. 大卫·维勒莱斯(David Virelles),《姆波克》(Mbókò),ECM。才华横溢的年轻钢琴手大卫·维勒莱斯继续着对非洲-古巴文化与仪式的深入研究,带着有条不紊的酷意与精神上的开放性。罗曼·迪亚兹(Román Díaz)担任打击乐手,这张迷人的组曲有着既古典又现代的深刻内涵。


4K Amazon Shows

  1. A Very English Scandal
  2. Absentia
  3. "猫"口夺食:家居卖场如何叫板线上商城?
  4. 2015年衣柜行业发展九大关键词:行业迎来属于它的战国时代
  5. 浅析:门窗产业迈向现代化征程的五大“绊脚石”
  6. 5600万“江南里”豪宅昨上线4万多人围观无人举牌
  7. Alpha House
  8. American Playboy
  9. An Unknown Enemy
  10. Beat
  11. Bosch
  12. Breath
  13. Britannia
  14. Businessmen vs. Aliens
  15. Carnival Row
  16. Catastrophe
  17. Comrade Detective
  18. Crisis in Six Scenes
  19. Eat. Race. Win
  20. 武汉查处和通报200多家房地产经纪机构
  21. Fearless
  22. Fleabag
  23. Forever
  24. Fortitude
  25. Four More Shots
  26. Frontier
  27. 贾跃亭牵手李东生 智能家居大战一触即发
  28. Goliath
  29. Good Girls Revolt
  30. Good Omens
  31. 全国二手房量增价稳刚需入市 一二手房价格严重倒挂
  32. Grand Prix Driver
  33. Gymkhana Files
  34. Hand of God
  35. Hanna
  36. Happy Marriage
  37. Homecoming
  38. I Love Dick
  39. Informer
  40. Inside Edge
  41. Inside Jokes
  42. Jean-Claude Van Johnson
  43. Just Add Magic
  44. King Lear
  45. Le Mans
  46. Long Strange Trip
  47. Lore
  48. Lorena
  49. Mad Dogs
  50. Made in Heaven
  51. Mirzapur
  52. Mozart in the Jungle
  53. One Mississippi
  54. Orphan Black
  55. Patriot
  56. Picnic At Hanging Rock
  57. Red Oaks
  58. Six Dreams
  59. Sneaky Pete
  60. The ABC Murders
  61. The Boys 
  62. The Dangerous Book for Boys
  63. The Expanse
  64. 北京开展第三次全国土地调查 建立数据库和共享服务平台
  65. The Grand Tour
  66. The Gymkhana Files
  67. The Kicks
  68. The Last Tycoon
  69. The Man in the High Castle
  70. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  71. The New V.I.P.’s
  72. The New Yorker Presents
  73. The Romanoffs
  74. The Tick
  75. The Widow
  76. Tidying Up
  77. Tin Star
  78. Tokyo Girl
  79. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
  80. Transparent
  81. Vanity Fair
  82. White Dragon
  83. You are Wanted
  84. Z: The Beginning of Everything


4K Amazon Movies

  1. Alex in Wonderland
  2. Arrival
  3. Beautiful Boy
  4. Brad’s Status
  5. Cafe Society
  6. Chi-raq
  7. City of Ghosts
  8. Complete Unknown
  9. Creative Control
  10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  11. Crown Heights
  12. Diamonds Are Forever
  13. Die Another Day
  14. 买商铺收52万“服务费”:中介何必假装开发商?
  15. Elvis & Nixon
  16. First Live 4K From Space
  17. For Your Eyes Only
  18. Funny Girl
  19. Gleason
  20. Gringo
  21. Hereditary
  22. Hitch
  23. Hot Summer Nights
  24. Jerry Maguire
  25. Kill Chain
  26. Landline
  27. Last Flag Flying
  28. Life Itself
  29. Live and Let Die
  30. Logan Lucky
  31. Love & Friendship
  32. Manchester by the Sea
  33. Moonraker
  34. Octopussy
  35. LED智能照明:到2020年总值将达81.4亿美元
  36. Pass Over
  37. Paterson
  38. Philadelphia
  39. Saaho
  40. Salesman
  41. Spectre
  42. The Big Sick
  43. The Disaster Artist
  44. The Dressmaker
  45. The Handmaiden
  46. The Lost City of Z
  47. The Neon Demon
  48. 个人信息泄露频发 凸显企业数据安全短板
  49. The Wall
  50. 人口正在迁移 哪些城市能成开发商避风港
  51. Tomorrow Never Dies
  52. Transformers: The Last Knight
  53. Wiener Dog
  54. Wonder Wheel 
  55. You Were Never Really Here


4k Amazon Documentaries and Comedy Specials

  1. After the Sky Falls
  2. Antonio Farao & Dave Liebman Live at Ramateulle Jass Festival
  3. Circles of Life: Iceland
  4. Coral Reef Adventure
  5. Distance Between Dreams
  6. Dolphins
  7. 杭州:利率“高烧不退” 购房成本再增
  8. Free Meek
  9. Hoh Rain Forest
  10. Human Flow
  11. Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time
  12. 成都9月推出约3.1万套商品住房上市销售
  13. Lichtmond Soul Affinity
  14. Light
  15. Living Sea
  16. Moto 7
  17. Moto 8
  18. Mount Rainier 1-3
  19. Muay Thai Madness
  20. Nature Style: Hokkaido Japan
  21. “假期经济”已成过去 常态化营销深挖消费需求
  22. 上海本月起全面推广使用环保水性涂料
  23. One Child Nation
  24. Painted Hills Oregon
  25. Pleasure
  26. Redwood National Forest
  27. Ruin and Rose
  28. Savage X Fenty Show
  29. Sojourns
  30. Spike: The Mind of a Warrior
  31. The Fourth Phase
  32. Timescapes
  33. Trophy Kids
  34. UnReal
  35. Van Gogh: Brush with Genius
  36. We Are Blood



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*First Published: Nov 27, 2019, 2:56 pm