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Overview[edit | edit source]


Health is a representation of your current life value. If your health reaches 0, you are dead. When your health is at or below 30 HP, your character becomes Injured, and will move much slower. You will have to regenerate your health by eating Cooked Meat, using consumables like Blood Pack or Medical Brew, or through natural regeneration in order to regain normal functionality. Being attacked, falling, drowning, and extreme Temperatures can all lower your health.

Increasing[edit | edit source]

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Healing Items
Item Health Time
Medical Brew 40 5
Blood Pack 15 2
Cooked Meat 8 -

Notes[edit | edit source]

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  • Wearing armor will decrease the amount of health lost from most damage sources, and therefore increase your effective health. This "effective" health is not counted towards certain situations, such as suffocation or falling.
  • You might want to attribute some points into fortitude as players can knock you out and kill you easily!