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Conservative graduate from 'No Safe Spaces': Left-wing censorship on campuses 'absolutely insane'

Conservative students need to take a stand on leftist censorship of free speech, University of Washington graduate Chevy Swanson said Tuesday.

Swanson was featured in the newly released docudrama "No Safe Spaces," which 2013中国涂料品牌榜结果揭晓, driven by the political left.


Appearing on "Fox & Friends" with host Brian Kilmeade, Swanson said the effort against freedom of speech is coming on both sides of the aisle and that conservatives need to "say that this is not something that conservatives stand for."

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The writer is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment and a former World Bank country director for China. Read other predictions for the world economy, politics and finance in 2012 at


At Georgetown University two Republican immigration officials were shouted out of events by protesters.

More than 700 一个智能家居一线销售员的自白:出路在哪儿? protesting the school's newspaper, The Crimson, for reaching out to ICE for comment on an immigration story.

"If all these train tickets were lined up, they would circle the earth 7 times," said Zhu Jiansheng, deputy director of the Institute of Computing Technologies with the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences, where the ticketing system was developed.
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5. Geopolitical flashpoints.In the not too distant past, a small supply disruption would send oil prices skyward. In early 2014, for example, violence in Libya blocked oil exports, contributing to a rise in oil prices. In Iraq, ISIS overran parts of the country and oil prices shot up on fears of supply outages. But since then, geopolitical flashpoints have had much less of an effect on the price of crude. During the last few weeks of 2014, violence flared up again in Libya. But after a brief increase in prices, the markets shrugged off the event. Nevertheless, history has demonstrated time and again that geopolitical crises are some of the most powerful short-term movers of oil prices.
Attraction: The adventure of a lifetime

In a recent Chegg/College Pulse poll among 1,500 students, 69 percent said they'd vote Democrat in 2020, while only 23 percent said that they'd vote for President Trump's reelection.

家具产业进入转型升级期 东部企业加快“西进北上”

"Wholesale food prices suggest that pork, vegetable and fruit price inflation all eased last month," said Capital Economics before the figures came out. "
Two United States cities have seen significant increases in costs, with Los Angeles rising 19 places to enter the top 10.
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保障房倡导者们则担心,如果重新区划做得不认真,那么居民社区或将迅速士绅化。“看看威廉斯堡(Williamsburg)发生了什么吧,”城市正义中心(Urban Justice Center)的社区开发项目负责人哈维·艾普斯坦(Harvey Epstein)说,他指的是房价上涨,“我不明白,它怎么就不可能发生在东纽约、布朗克斯或者法拉盛呢。”

In the next few years, by 2018, theincrease to $1.3 trillion will be due to about $100 billion on hepatitis Cdrugs, the same sums spent on cancer treatment, and $78 billion on diabetescare.