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KG Funding

We Buy Mortgages and Notes, Accounts Receivable, and other future income

Michael Schaul, CMI


KG Funding

Commercial Mortgages

·    Investor Rehabber Loans

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Cash to Grow Your Business

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Attorneys & Accountants

Health Care

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Sell Mortgages & Notes

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At KG Funding, we have the experience to get the job done for you.  Our solutions include financing your commercial real estate, solving your business financing problems, or allowing you to pursue your lawsuit.

We’ll begin by understanding your situation and your needs.  Often there are options you’re not aware of.  They might even involve referring you to someone else, which we’ll do when appropriate. You will find many inexperienced brokers who will give you a quote without understanding your transaction. (We used to do that, too!) Very often, they will discover later that something they neglected to ask you about materially affects your end result, but you may feel locked in at that point. We try very hard to make sure that we avoid surprises. We’ll ask more questions than most people, but when we’re done, we can both be more confident we can close your deal the way we expect to.  This page will guide you to some of our solutions.

Services for Business

Services for Attorneys and Clients

Services for Health Care, including practices, hospitals, labs, suppliers

  • We have special programs for financing partially or totally owner-occupied buildings, including construction.

Services for Individuals

When you can't wait for future income, we'll get you the cash you need. You don't have to wait!

  • We arrange advances for plaintiffs in lawsuits.  You don't have to cave in to the insurance company!
  • We buy mortgages, lotteries, and structured settlements. You don't have to wait 20-30 years!
  • We provide cash for assets tied up in an estate. You don't have to wait for probate!

What We Don't Do

We have the experience and the funding sources to serve you.



Lease solar photovoltaic panels without the huge installation costs.

Just a small down payment; then save money up to 25 years.




American Cash Flow Association

The American Cash Flow Association has over 20,000 members.  Michael Schaul, Certified Mortgage Investor and owner of KG Funding, is one of about 160 who have qualified for the Million Dollar Club.