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Simon Cowell surprises fans with quick recovery following bike accident

The X Factor star broke his back while out with partner Lauren Silverman and son Eric in Malibu

Hanna Fillingham

Simon Cowell has been keeping a low profile as he continues to recover from his bike accident, which resulted in the star breaking his back. But the X Factor judge has amazed his friends and family after showing signs of a speedy recovery and has already been spotted taking his first steps out following the incident.

Photos published in The Sun over the weekend saw the America's Got Talent star travelling in the back seat of a car for a hospital check-up on Sunday.

Simon endured a six-hour emergency operation after falling off his bike at the beginning of August, while out with partner Lauren Silverman and their young son Eric.

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The music mogul had broken three vertebrae in the fall and had a steel rod inserted in his back. The father-of-one has been resting at home following the accident and has taken time off from America's Got Talent.

It has also been reported that he will not be appearing on this year's Britain's Got Talent, although HELLO! understands that no final decision has been made yet.

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The star also tweeted his AGT co-stars, telling them that he missed them as he watched the show from home. Kelly Clarkson and Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson have since filled in for the judge.



Simon has received an outpour of support from his fans and famous friends, and recently his Britain's Got Talent co-star Alesha Dixon gave an update on his condition during an interview on This Morning.


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