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Final Idol

When is the finale of American Idol 2020 and how can I watch it?

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 The Idol judges have filmed from home since the March lockdown orders
The Idol judges have filmed from home since the March lockdown ordersCredit: Getty Images - Getty

When is the finale of American Idol 2020?

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Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie have been filming from their homes along with the contestants.

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How can I watch the finale?


 The expecting mother has filmed American Idol through her pregnancy
The expecting mother has filmed American Idol through her pregnancyCredit: Instagram

Who are the final 7 contestants?

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  • Arthur Gunn
  • Dillon James
  • Jonny West
  • Julia Gargano
  • Louis Knight
  • Just Sam
  • Francisco Martin

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The contestant has been open about his former drug addiction.



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How can I vote in the American Idol 2020 finale?

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Meanwhile, the proportion of 2016 graduates to select employment is increased, which goes up to 75.6% from 71.2% in 2015.
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To vote for your favourite within the current 7, you can go to, download the American Idol text, or text message.

Pregnant Katy Perry breaks down in tears as American Idol contestant Dillon James sings