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7 weeks pregnant: symptoms, advice and what to expect


✅ Medically reviewed by Dr Helena Watson on 6th June 2020


At seven weeks pregnant your belly might not be showing but you’ll start to get some different symptoms and the beginning of that pregnancy glow (get ready for the compliments). Not only is your skin looking better than ever, your hair is more lustrous than that time you spent a fortune on Moroccan oil. These are both down to the extra oestrogen you’re producing right now.  

These molds turn regular fruits into fun shapes.
While 221 people fell off the billionaires list this year, 198 people joined the ranks. Twenty-nine from the 2015 list died, while another 29 rejoined the list after having fallen off.

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  • 联建光电拟9.9亿收购互联网广告企业
  • 随着二孩生育政策的出台,为了缓解女性的担忧,国家应明确规定禁止歧视女性,包括要求公司有一定比例的女员工以及减税或其他优惠措施,以鼓励雇主有效实施女职工产假延长的规定。
  • The China International Robot Industry Summit, held on Tuesday in Shanghai, said the sales and growth rate of industrial robots hit records in 2017. Among industrial robots, 37,825 were domestically manufactured, up 29.8% year-on-year.
  • China has 731 million Internet users as of December 2016, roughly the size of Europe's population, according to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

Last week, Lu was appointed director of the office for Beijing's Leading Group of Promoting Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Development, a move to accelerate Beijing's moves to coordinate with Tianjin and Hebei province.

But her success doesn't come cheap and her mother has already spent £5,000 on elaborate dresses and entry fees.

From nausea to the swollen breasts, your body is getting ready to grow your little one! 

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What size is my baby at 7 weeks pregnant?

最后,今年只有两所学校首次登上开放课程排行榜。上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院(Antai College of Economics and Management)直接排到第32名,而亚利桑那大学(University of Arizona)艾勒管理学院(Eller College of Management)在75所院校中排名第68位。


What’s my baby doing?


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4. Fruit Mold

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Your baby at 7 weeks

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Your baby is also starting to make little jerky movements this week. You won’t be able to feel a thing, but an ultrasound would pick it up.

Do not forget why you're attending these conferences, who you're doing this for -- we are your own children. You are deciding what kind of world we will grow up in. Parents should be able to comfort their children by saying "everyting's going to be alright" , "we're doing the best we can" and "it's not the end of the world". 不要忘记你们为何而来到这里开会,你们为谁做事情?我们是你们的下一代,你们正在决定我们将要在一个什么样的环境中成长,父母需要能够宽慰孩子们,告诉他们“一切都没问题,那不是世界末日,我们正在尽其所能的改变”。



8 common symptoms you might be experiencing at 7 weeks pregnant

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Total Program Cost: $176,600

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On average, executive pay packets hit 7.09 million yuan in 2016, up 8% year-on-year, higher than the rate of China's GDP and per capita disposable incomes, which were 6.7% and 6.3% respectively.
No.3: Diamond Is So Obsolete
Chandelier is the 17th most viewed music video on TouTube of all time and has racked up more than 712 million hits.

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1) Frequent urination

You’re still needing to pee every five minutes thanks to that pregnancy hormone hCG increasing the blood flow to your pelvic area.

Remember to keep drinking despite those constant toilet trips – your body and your baby needs it!
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2) Fatigue

Growing a baby is an exhausting task, especially as your body is still making the placenta, so listen to your body and rest up.

One way to keep your energy up is to keep snacking throughout the day – mini-meals will keep your blood sugar up.
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3) Breast tenderness and changes

Despite looking bigger than they’ve ever done (some women have gone up a full cup size by seven weeks pregnant), your boobs might not look their best! Noticing loads of blue veins? Of course, you can thank those pesky pregnancy hormones for that. 

These veins will transport all the nutrients and fluids to your baby when you begin breastfeeding.

You might also notice the areola (the dark area around the nipple) has got darker and larger and has little goose-bump-like spots. These are sweat glands that supply lubrication – all-important changes for when you start breastfeeding.

For now, invest in a good stretch mark cream and maternity bra to minimise sagging. 
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4) Excessive saliva

Feel like you’re dribbling? Just when you thought the morning sickness was bad enough, pair it with excessive saliva and you’re in for a treat.

Another one that will disappear at the end of your first trimester, but for now, try chewing sugarless gum.
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5) Food cravings

If you find you’ve narrowed down your menu of meals thanks to those pregnancy food aversions, try not to worry.

Eating the same healthy meal every day will still give your growing babe all the nutrients it needs.

What’s more, if you find your cravings are driving you mad, give in to them once in a while.
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6) Heartburn

Another totally normal, but totally unpleasant side effect. Avoid spicy or fatty foods, caffeinated drinks as these will make it worse, also try drinking either before or after you eat.
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7) Gaining a few pounds

You might not look like you’re carrying a baby, but you might have gained a few pounds already. This is totally normal – most women will gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy.
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8) Cramping

This is normal during the first trimester, but if it occurs with shoulder or neck pain, or you have any unusual discharge, contact your GP.


What should I be doing this week?


Are you bleeding?

One thing you must look out for is bleeding, whether this is in the form of light dotting or spotting, pink discharge or lots of blood. 

国家统计局:2019年4月CPI同比上涨2.5% 居住价格同比上涨2.0% is very common (it affects around one in three women) and doesn’t always indicate a miscarriage.

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Your belly at seven weeks pregnant

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However, the economists polled expect slightly higher growth rates and substantially higher inflation over 2016.


Let them take care of you...

Pregnant woman exercising


Everyone has both, but people tend to be most attached to their “best” identity — the one that offers the most social status or privileges. Successful professionals, for example, often define their identities primarily through their careers.
Hope all your New Year dreams come true!愿你所有的新年想都成真!
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至于英国,官方虚构数据同样盛行。英国国家统计局(Office For National Statistics)周二公布,以由来已久的零售价格指数(RPI)衡量,去年12月英国通胀率上升至4.1%。该数字纯属胡扯,英国国家统计局对此心知肚明。该机构告诉人们RPI“没有达到规定标准”,不能作为合格的通胀指标,但自2012年以来该机构一直拒绝采取措施来改善该指标并使之贴近3%的整体通胀率。

You’re going to be feeling fatigued, bloated and sick so this is the time to be selfish. 

1.《刺客聂隐娘》(The Assassin)与《疯狂的麦克斯4:狂暴之路》(Mad Max: Fury Road),并列。侯孝贤和乔治·米勒(George Miller)导演了今年最好的两部商业片,二者都应该到你能找到的最大的屏幕上去看。

Treat any skin problems


In eighth place with $6.5 million, Chinese model Liu Wen, 29, is the only Asian model on the list, reflecting the lack of diversity that continues to plague runways.

To help with your new-found sensitive skin, here are our picks of成都市城乡房产管理局携手58集团 促进住房租赁交易服务发展.

It's time to know your exercise do's and don'ts


As for liberalization of global trade, we believe all countries need to work together to push it forward. This globe belongs to us all and we all need to do our bit.
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  1. Don't exercise on your back.
  2. 解密“日光盘”真相:低总价造就400套日光
  3. Don't use twisting motions.
  4. 我预计,将有更多公司培养懂得如何管理网络的领导人——不只是传统的内部员工网,还包括联系更松散的供应商和承包商网络,通过互联网和社交媒体进行远程管理。

To get the full lowdown on everything you need to know, from the benefits to the best exercises to do, read our guide on exercise during pregnancy

Get your mouth checked!

Pregnant woman at the dentist

Many people don't realise that the health of your mouth is important to keep checking while you’re pregnant.



Boost your folic acid levels 


A total of 3,077 new cases of HIV infection took place in colleges and universities across China in 2017, according to the National Health Commission (NHC) at a press conference on Friday.

成都:建设“五中心一枢纽” 构建五大主体功能区

Real mum top tip

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n. 美德,德行,优点,贞操

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