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Creativity for Health and Wellness

Kyle McDonald, C-IAYT, MFA
Art therapy

China must walk a narrow line at a time when its outgoing leadership is reluctant to take any far-sighted decisions.

Here are some of the year's pinnacles and potholes:
The Dutch case involved sophisticated financial professionals, people accustomed to analyzing financial and economic trends. Yet, they too focused on their personal experience.
New Year time is here. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. May every day hold happy hours for you.新年来临,祝新年快乐,愿你时时刻刻幸福欢乐!

It turns out that creativity in the form of art making is good for us. The process of painting, drawing and making brings us into a state of focused awareness and can be thought of as meditative activity.

Focused awareness supports the relaxation response in the body and can contribute to feelings of equanimity, peacefulness and an overall sense of well-being. Additionally, scientific research has shown that art making reduces fear, anxiety and nervousness in people receiving medical treatment and has also been shown to support immune function by bolstering positive emotions.

Don’t be shy, just do it!

Art therapy 2The first hurdle many aspiring artists need to overcome is the thought: “I’m not good enough.” When I hear this I ask, “good enough for who?” To get started, make a commitment to yourself that you will create art for your own pleasure; a private joy, not to be shared with anyone. Once we remove the fear of what others will think, it allows us to relax into the playful process of creativity. Many people find that once they remove the mental pressure of creating a “masterpiece” each time they paint or draw, it frees them up to take risks, make mistakes, start over and savor the process without the burden of creating a finished product. By keeping it private in the beginning, we can overcome the fear of criticism, which blocks creativity.

Start out small. Keep it simple.

5.Taxi Driver
● “特朗普为想要离开美国的公民提供非洲或墨西哥单程机票”
Cousins's deal qualifies as a blockbuster, the Raptors made two strong moves to bolster their contender status, and the race for the West's last playoff spot got far more intriguing, among other storylines.
adj. 笨拙的,尴尬的,(设计)别扭的
For: It picked up the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival, often a key awards indicator.

在所有这些影片中,斯文顿用的是同一个牙齿设计专家——伦敦Fangs F/X公司的克里斯·莱昂斯(Chris Lyons)。他在工作中设计了各种牙齿,包括为坎耶·韦斯特(Kanye West)一个音乐录影带中的一只杜宾犬设计了金色尖牙。
It is not unusual for the documented wealth of China’s richest people to surge suddenly — or even for previously unknown tycoons to burst into prominence — as stock exchange listings and other public investments thrust them into the spotlight.
2. "Breaking Bad" (4.2 million)
“Through the second half of the 20th century we had this big dispersion of trade and economic activity around the world. All this specialisation meant exports rose faster than GDP,” Mr Williams says.
While newcomer to the list Ariel Foxman, who was appointed managing editor at Time Inc.’s In Style in September 2008, isn’t a regular on a television show as of yet, his fashion director Hal Rubenstein is now a judge onLifetime’s Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-up Artist. And Foxman’s publication led the way in number of advertising pages, boasting over 1,000 during the first half of 2009.
'The book is true to the character and keeps him as fans would want him, which is as the original hard-bitten guy,' he said.
I am here to speak for the countless animals dying across this planet because they have nowhere left to go. We cannot afford to be not heard. 我为这个行星上无数正在垂死的动物而演讲,因为它们几乎已经无处容身了。
The upshot is that Chinese trade looks to have been surprisingly strong last month. We expect exports to continue to perform well in the coming months on the back of strong global demand.

A recipe for success

"That of course is in keeping with all of the developments that we have seen in China in recent years, including the current enormous emphasis on innovation as a major component in the transition of the Chinese economy from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'," he said.

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