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Alan Merrill, "I Love Rock and Roll" songwriter, dies of coronavirus complications

A look inside hospitals battling coronavirus
A look inside hospitals battling coronavirus 04:46

Alan Merrill - who co-wrote the song "I Love Rock and Roll" that became a signature hit for fellow rocker Joan Jett - died Sunday in New York of complications from the coronavirus, his daughter said. He was 69.


vt. 鼓励,促进,支持
In a separate report in early September, the World Meteorological Organization said the level of carbon dioxide in the air in 2013 was 42 percent above the level that prevailed before the Industrial Revolution. Other important greenhouse gases have gone up as well, with methane increasing 153 percent from the preindustrial level and nitrous oxide by 21 percent.
Coordinated reform of medical services, medical insurance, and the medicine industry
继Facebook前员工肖恩帕克(Sean Parker)和查马斯帕里哈皮蒂亚(Chamath Palihapitiya)——二人谴责了社交媒体的成瘾性——之后,新的一年将有更多的科技行业工作者发声。

n. 温室,暖房

Posted by Laura Merrill on Monday, March 30, 2020

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Louie Anderson, “Baskets”

Final predictions: Weak economic growth will continue into 2010. By spring, the Obama White House will be forced to the political center and U.S. businesses will finally believe in a modest recovery.

Amy Poehler made out with Bono, Tina Fey mocked George Clooney's taste in women and Matt Damon emerged, bizarrely, as the night's recurring gag.

FOYLE’S WAR (, Feb. 2) After nabbing the final three episodes of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” last year, the streaming service Acorn TV scores another coup in the field of traditional British mysteries with the American premiere of this superior show’s ninth season. Starring Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle, a detective as honorable as he is shrewd, the series has morphed over the years from a provincial home-front cop show to a le Carré-like Cold War thriller. New episodes involve the Nuremberg trials and Britain’s role in Palestine.
Agricultural raw materials, especially the so called soft commodities such as sugar, coffee and cotton, have been among the top performers this year.
7. Trust will remain the single most critical business issue.
We will make continued progress in building a Healthy China.

In an interview with Songfacts, Merrill said that "I Love Rock and Roll" was "a knee-jerk response" to "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll" by the Rolling Stones.

"I remember watching it on Top of the Pops," Merrill said. "I'd met Mick Jagger socially a few times, and I knew he was hanging around with Prince Rupert Lowenstein and people like that - jet setters. I almost felt like "It's Only Rock and Roll" was an apology to those jet-set princes and princesses that he was hanging around with - the aristocracy, you know. That was my interpretation as a young man: Okay, I love rock and roll."

James Bond is one of the few constants that movie lovers have in this crazy world of ours. We seem to know that, no matter what, a new Bond movie is always on the way.

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