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陶瓷行业热衷总部大楼 应警惕“硅谷魔咒”

Here are the news events that the search engine Baidu says most captured Internet users' attention in 2015:
Arizona, Texas Head List Of Best States For Expected Job Growth

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Project management.

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I once had an advisor that said to me when I expressed fear of a difficult class, "Do you want to get an education or not?"

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Some of Our Trainers: Industry Experts and Thought Leaders


Risk Specialist Alan McDougall 

Alan has over 30 years experience helping banks and their clients manage risk. He was commissioned to write ‘Mastering Swaps Markets’, which was published by the Financial Times and the University of Shanghai.

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International Trade Specialist Stephen Jones

Stephen is a leading trade finance
practitioner, trainer and consultant with
over 43 years of experience in the field of
trade finance; 35 years in corporate banking
and 8 years as an independent specialist.


Private Equity Specialist Dr. Roger Mills 

Roger has 35+ years experience in Private Equity. He has consulted extensively with both financial and non financial companies all around the world including numerous major banks and financial institutions. 


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