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Profile photo of Armin Guttke, ITSNZ board member and Vice President membership

Unanimous board decision

Graphic image showing representations of people contributing to a conversation. Text advises that committee registrations close August 24th


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北京租房新政倾斜租户 租房时代来了吗?

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北京家居行业协会向侵权说“不” 12330工作站提供维权通道

Waterview ITS systems


COVID-19 transport survey

住宅库存11个月来首降 供求关系好转或推高房价

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'So it's how do you square that circle? How do you remain true to the original creation and concept and yet at the same time not offend people in the 21st century?

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当然,这得取决于苹果是否能设法用更便宜的零部件、更慢的处理器、分辨率更低的屏幕、以及也许是塑料机身来造出一部330美元的iPhone。而用蒂姆?库克上周在高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)一次会议上的话说,它决不能是个“低劣产品”。

COVID-19 transport survey

“The employee said she was going out to buy boots, but was never seen again.”

Covid19 transport information for New Zealand

中国“夜经济”消费图景:夜幕降临 生活才刚开始

Amy Strang and Armin Guttke


Dr Patrick Carvahlo

New Zealand uniquely placed to introduce modern Road Pricing

Mike Rudge

个人所得税法修正案草案全文公布 向社会公开征求意见


The AGM took place on August 6th, with reports from the Chair, President and Treasurer. 

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ITS AP Forum preparations are underway. Abstracts are sought

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28/05/2019, News

Companies do have black lists. It's not written down anywhere but it's a list of people they'd be happy to get rid of if the opportunity arises. If you feel invisible, if you're getting bad assignments, if your boss is ignoring you, or if they move your office, you're probably on it.

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Emerging market exports have been declining in dollar terms since October 2014, a far longer, if less extreme, losing streak than during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, as the first chart shows.

Technology Investment Network (TIN) has named HMI Technologies as the winner of this year’s TIN Rocket Award, announced at the 2018 TIN Report launch and gala awards event in Auckland.

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Intersectional Speed Zone signs deployed at rural Otago intersection

Installation of innovative electronic speed signs will begin next week at the intersection of State Highway 6 (the Luggate-Cromwell Rd) and State Highway 8A.

ParkRite Hackathon winners 

 A solution to stop the abuse of mobility parks has taken out the 2nd NZTA Hackathon.

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The Intelligent Transport Systems New Zealand AGM took place on July 16th, with reports from the Chair, President and Treasurer. The reports are published here.

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ITS New Zealand Gold Members HMI Technologies/Ohmio has secured a US$20m investment agreement with the Heshan Industrial City Management Committee. The investment will be to establish a manufacturing plant for Ohmio Automotion Autonomous Vehicles and an Artificial Intelligence Transport Research Centre in the City of Heshan, China.

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香港科技大学(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)和凯洛格管理学院(Kellogg School of Management)合办的中美EMBA项目重新夺回英国《金融时报》100个最佳EMBA项目排行榜的冠军宝座。



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David Vinsen ITSNZ

Russell Yell

WTF.1: Next Level of Working Moms
SETTING: This house is in Kenwood, a neighborhood of 19th- and 20th-century Tudors, Mediterraneans, Victorians and colonial-style houses between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles, in the city’s Chain of Lakes. Roads are curving; sidewalks are lined with maple and ash trees. According to the listing agent, many of the neighborhood’s older houses have been restored, while houses built within the last 30 years have been torn down and replaced.

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