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Sacrificial Jr. Downloads

A mother has written a letter in defence of her 14-year-old son who is facing a lawsuit over video game cheats in the US.


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Path Of Legends -MOD-
1.0 B

Become A Katana Or A Greatsword Master & Assassinate Enemies And Marked Sims!

  • Take the role of a Katana wielding Ninja Or A Greatsword wielding Warrior and defeat enemies of the rival clan!
    Use your skills to assassinate sims who are marked for death!
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Express Your True Love And Feelings
 Show your passion to your loved ones through new romantic interactions that will spice things up and send your sims to a happy place. Save your romantic memories by taking romantic selfies with over 20 romantic poses and hang them on the wall. Bring back nostalgia with some romantic interactions from The Sims 2 like "Make Out" & "Goose"

Passionate Romance -MOD-
V 1.3

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Dance with your loved one in the most romantic way


  • Supply-side structural reform: Cutting overcapacity, destocking, deleveraging, reducing costs and identifying growth areas
  • MasterCard says its index reflects the interconnectedness of major global cities and tracks the ways in which business and leisure jet-setters spend their money.

Romantic Slow dance -MOD-
V 1.0

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Cuddle up with your loved one under the skies

  • The girl, said to be from Shanghai, paid the man between 1,900 and 9,500 yuan every day over a two-month period through online payments using her mother's mobile phone and debit card.
    'Gangnam Style' beat 'Call Me Maybe' as the most trending pop song and 'Skyfall' topped 'Prometheus' as the most enquired about film.

Romantic Skygaze -MOD-
V 1.0

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Zombie Apocalypse -MOD-
V 2.0.4 Last Escape

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Survive A World Full Of Undead!

  • The tension between Paramore's high-intensity hooks and withering lyrics explodes into fluorescent colors on After Laughter.
  • "You're part of the past, but now you're the future," Lana Del Rey sings on Lust for Life's opening track, "Love".
  • 同时,调查数据还显示,榜单上前100名的学校,毕业生平均月薪较去年上涨了1818元,涨幅达到22.8%。
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Extreme Violence -MOD-
V 2.3.2

Perform Violent Interactions & Murders

  • discourse
  • 克里斯·保罗
  • 卡梅隆·安东尼
  • 巨头业绩良好 全球涂料行业将继续增长
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Life Tragedies -MOD-
V 1.2 Halloween Horrors


Your sims will now face tragic occurrences that would change their fates by adding dark twists and events, including:

  • Fatal Illnesses
  • Kidnapping
  • Serial Killers
  • Armed Robbers
  • Car Accidents
  • Bullying
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Armageddon -MOD-
V 1.3 End Of The World

Play as a Superhero and save the world or a Supervillain and destroy the world!

  • spread
  • 人们最为关心的问题是,2015年石油价格将何去何从?石油目前的低价位是不可持续的。许多产油成本较高的企业和地区都处于亏损状态。短期内这种状况也许还可以应付,但中长期来看,石油公司将被迫退出市场,进而带动油价上升。然而,最重要的问题在于:石油价格何时上涨,以及涨幅能有多大?
  • The very best bosses I’ve seen are passionate about their work; they live and breathe their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. Yet at the same time, they have lives outside of work. They understand the need to balance family and work or play and work. And they set a good example of how to do that for their employees。
  • On April 24, Zhou took the pesticide to the Yimin Technician Training School in Rongchang, Chongqing and hid the toxic substance under a desk.
  • World's corruption will contribute to sims behaviors in all worlds making them doing more and more evil and dark actions.

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Sim Torments -MOD-
V 1.1.2

Ruin Sims lives and have them regret the day they were born!


  • Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'
  • 对于更多的普通投资者而言,在标普500指数回报高于历史平均值的大背景下,2014年是充满挫折的一年。
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Deadly Toddlers -MOD-
V 2.0

经济调整市场外迁 家居卖场走出核心城区成破局


  • Also important to EMBA entrepreneurs was the support of their school and alumni network. About three-quarters of entrepreneurs thought that both the school and their alumni network were helpful or very helpful when setting up their company. “Alumni support was key to getting the idea vetted and getting the right contacts needed for the business”, said one.
    Meanwhile, in an unfortunate red carpet faux pas, Pink and Shakira both showed up in the same Balmain dress.
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The Possessed Child -MOD-
V 1.1

He's Been Murdered & Now He's Back For Revenge!

  • A grave that contains the spirit of the deadliest child in the sims world
    "Jonathan Colby"
  • The Tsinghua-Insead EMBA programme, launched in 2007, entered the FT rankings with a bang in 2012, going straight into fourth place with its very first cohort. The programme has since been ranked second, third, and finally has achieved first place in the rankings this year.
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Haunted Mirror -MOD-
V 1.2

Unleash Fear To The Sims World

  • 8个词,数尽中国家具8年沉浮
  • 2.人工眼睛
    其他数个政党的支持率只是略低于上述两党,包括持中间立场的自由派政党民主66 (D66)、基督教民主联盟(Christian Democratic Appeal)和左翼的绿色左翼党(GreenLeft)。
  • Total Program Cost: $176,600
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The Cursed Paintings -MOD-
V 2.2

Take a risky challenge that could end your life or reward you with money!

  • Founded in the 5th century and covering 118 small islands, the Northeast Italian city is famed for its water views, architecture and artwork.
  • 社科院:下轮住房需求走势保持总体回调特点
  • de加强动作+termine界限→加强界限→限定;决定
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Torture & Chaos -MOD-
V 1.5.2

Cause chaos & torture sims usin the most evil spells!

  • 辛塔·努里亚(Sinta Nuriyah)
  • 美联储去年花了六个多月的时间暗示其有意退出第三轮购债计划,这种可能性时常扰动着市场。目前美联储仅处于退出购债计划的第一阶段。
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Give your sims the life of luxary and fame

  • Despite an abortive attempt in August to devalue the renminbi — a move that rocked global markets and was quickly abandoned by Beijing — China’s trade-weighted exchange rate was 8.5 per cent stronger in September than a year earlier, making Chinese exports less competitive.
  • Make your sim famous in 4 different tracks:
    Simstagram, Modeling, Acting, Professional Singing
  • Each track has unique interactions & ways to earn money from
  • Promotional Events:
    Have paid promotional offers, An acting scene, A modeling session or start your own concert to many of your adoring fans!
  • [p?'spektiv]

Road To Fame -MOD-
V 0.4 G

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Life's Drama -MOD-
V 2.0.4 Dirty Secrets

Add life & drama to your game, or become the  town's favorite socialite!

  • Once you grow your hair slightly longish, be sure to play with it at every opportunity.
    Goldie Blox is a toy company on a mission to redefine the “pink aisle” in toy stores. Men dramatically outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and careers, with girls largely losing interest in these topics by age 8. Goldie Blox toys are designed to inspire future engineers by engaging girls in a way that draws on their strong verbal and storytelling skills — while still offering opportunities to build the skills that can later translate into an interest in engineering. And speaking of opportunity, how does a start-up toy company stand out against the big names that have been dominating the toy space since the beginning of time? In a savvy move, Goldie Blox recently released a video that went viral with their take on the Beastie Boys song “Girls.” Though the video was ultimately taken down, Goldie Blox did an excellent job raising awareness of the need to get more women and girls interested in STEM … and of the Goldie Blox toys.
  • Increase your social popularity and help other sims with social situations, gain their trust and obtain their dirtiest secrets to expose them to the whole world.

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