finance lease

What is a Finance Lease?

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Almost all the financial leases are direct leases. In other words, financial lease is one of the type of leasing contract where lessor buys the asset identified by the lessee from the manufacturer and signs a contract to lease it out to the lessee.

Features of Finance Lease

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  • Finance lease treated as an asset in the lessee Balance Sheet.

Cash Flow Consequences of a Financial Lease

There are cash flow consequences in case of finance lease. It is a way of normal financing for a company. Suppose, a firm finds it financially worthwhile to acquire an equipment costing Rs. 500 lac. The life of the equipment is say 10 years. Instead of buying the equipment, there is another option available for the company. It can lease the equipment for 10 years for lease rental of Rs 110 lac. Now assume, company will have to provide for the maintenance, insurance and other operating expenses related to use of the assets.

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