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We need to ensure that our consumers will have access to good options, benefit from such consumption, and most importantly that Chinese companies will be able to win over the consumers with their commitment to high quality and workmanship.

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The benefits of KHub collaboration

List of benefits of using Knowledge Hub including low cost, efficiency, digital tools, expert communities, peer network, breaks down silos, improves engagement and development

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150,000+ members, 125,000 conversations, 2,000+ groups, 80 countries, 17 organisation networks


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How could your organisation benefit from a Knowledge Hub Network?

Communicate, connect and collaborate effectively with your own branded network of groups. Ideal for organisations, membership bodies, professional and subject associations seeking to reduce the costs of hosting infrastructure.

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Looking to promote your business to the public sector?

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With over 45,000 unique visitors and 5,500 social interactions a month, triggering over 500,000 individual email content notifications, we can help you get your messages seen by the right people. 

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Major American retailers including Wal-Mart, Target (TGT, Fortune 500), and Kmart all opened their stores on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the holiday gift shopping season. Wal-Mart even went as far as to open its stores two hours earlier this year than it did last. But Costco (COST, Fortune 500) refused to join the trend of "Black Friday creep" and kept its doors shut. Chief executive Craig Jelinek thought giving his workers a day off was more important than increasing his company's bottom line.
Bursts of color are instant energy suppliers. If you can, paint your walls or use furniture and accessories to provide a colorful oomph.

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SIZE: 6,364 square feet

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