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True Meaning of “Health is Wealth?”

November 6, 2016
The Vortex
September 24, 2016
Are you Overweight? Don’t Worry, This is Good News for you
November 22, 2016

True Meaning of “Health is Wealth?”


I believe, like me even you must have heard this thousands of times in your childhood - “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. First I thought it was just a saying but now I understand the true importance of it.

There is a deep meaning behind “Health is Wealth”. Most people give highest importance to Wealth in their life. They measure their success by how much wealth they have with them. But they don’t realize that wealth is not the most important thing in life. It’s Health. If you loose your health, you loose your happiness, you loose your wealth, you loose your career, you loose your peace of mind, and eventually you loose everything. This is why those who are wise will always tell you to give time to your health because “Health is Wealth”.

- Physical Health

- Mental Health

- Spiritual Health

*最佳综艺导演:瑞安?麦克福(Ryan McFaul),《艾米?舒莫的内心世界》(Inside Amy Schumer)
A Former First Lady Presses On for a Tolerant, Feminist Islam
单词commercial 联想记忆:
The Republican candidate appeared unsure at times and occasionally stumbled over his lines as if struggling to remember his briefing notes. He began sweating as Obama, aggressive from the start, got the better of him during exchanges on Iran, Iraq and Russia as well as on US military spending.

4. “Carol” This is the first movie that Todd Haynes directed that doesn’t have his name on it as a writer. Working from Phyllis Nagy’s distillation of the Patricia Highsmith novel, he reaffirmed that filmmakers don’t need to generate their own screenplays to be great, a truth many aspiring and established auteurs disregard.
And, men are 2.8 times more likely to use this obvious phrase than women.
The night's biggest winners may have been hosts Ms. Fey and Ms. Poehler, whose second time hosting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Beverly Hills, Calif., ceremony was just as successful as last year's show (a six-year ratings high with 19.7 million viewers).

I have specially designed an Advance Mind Power/Law of Attraction Workshop which is a 20 Days Online Workshop where I will teach and make my students practice different exercise on Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health which will completely Detoxify you body and make you healthy like a newly born baby.


Tencent said in an email it has no current plans to find a profitable model for WeChat. An Internet conglomerate, Tencent is China's largest listed Internet company with a market capitalization of roughly $65 billion and has strong revenue streams from gaming, virtual products and advertising on other platforms.
I'm going to disagree on one team you mentioned: the Kings. The West is a bit shallow again, and Sacramento is in the mix for a playoff spot. It's not likely or anything, but so long as they are in the mix, they have to pull out almost all the stops to grab it.

Always be Healthy,


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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