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Quest Diagnostics



Quest Diagnostics

Connecting you with test results

Times like these remind us we're all interconnected. From healthcare workers on the front lines to those simply staying at home, each of us has a part to play.

At Quest, our part is to provide clarity and results in the face of uncertainty. We take that commitment to heart and are working tirelessly to deliver the answers and connections that will help us overcome this challenge together.


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Strength in numbers

See how Quest measures up as a strong force to help our country fight COVID-19.

March 9 2020

Quest introduced a new lab-developed test for COVID-19—2 days before the virus was labeled a worldwide pandemic.

April 20 2020

Quest launched IgG antibody serology testing by blood draw to help patients and healthcare professionals identify who may have recovered from a prior infection and may possibly have a lower risk of reinfection.

October 1 2020

Quest began offering a COVID-19 + flu test panel to help patients and healthcare providers distinguish between the two illnesses which have similar symptoms.


With immediate action at the start of the crisis, Quest accounted for nearly half of US COVID-19 testing efforts in March. Even as other lab organizations joined the fight, Quest still handles as much as 20% of testing efforts across the country.


tests performed

Quest labs processed 15.7 million COVID-19 active infection tests and 3.8 million antibody tests from March 9 – September 28. That number continues to climb.


tests per day

By July, Quest was processing as many as 200,000 COVID-19 active infection tests and 200,000 antibody tests per day.


team members

Quest’s 47,000 passionate employees are committed to delivering diagnostic insights and supporting the effort to fight COVID-19.

Quest employee with mask
Quest aircraft Quest vehicles


Quest's fleet of 25 aircraft quickly moves specimens from point A to point B.


Thousands of courier vehicles transport tests from hospitals and healthcare provider offices to Quest laboratories throughout the United States.


A dozen Quest laboratories across the country are processing COVID-19 tests.


Quest has 4 decades of experience leading infectious disease testing during public health emergencies, including Zika, SARS, and H1N1 influenza testing.

Quest Diagnostics Building

Disclaimer: Images are illustrative and may not reflect latest guidelines toward personal protective equipment or social distancing.

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