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Newt Scamander is a magiczoologist who studies magical creatures.

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Chazelle’s musical was the hot favourite going into the evening, with a record-tying 14 nominations. Chazelle won the best director award, while Emma Stone won best actress for her performance in the film, which was produced by Lionsgate. There were other La La Land Oscars for score and best original song.
The system sold around 1.1 million tickets during the 2012 Spring Festival travel rush. Last year it sold 11 million over the same period.

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3.8 推进以保障和改善民生为重点的社会建设


adj. 反对的,敌对的 v. 和 ... 起冲突,反抗

4. Manufacturing won't save the economy.
Germanyjust hung four onPortugal. It was a bit of a shocking result, at least from the perspective that most observers expectedPortugalto put up a bit more fight. But it was another relatively high-scoring game at World Cup 2014? Not surprising at all.
1. World Health Organisation declares a public emergency of international concern over Zika


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京楼市今年成交量创6年新低 “金九”未迎复苏

"I'm excited about the opportunity to return to China, enjoy the country's culture, and bring the excitement of live NBA games directly to Chinese fans," he added.

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The Globes are unique in celebrating both film and television. Perhaps more than ever before, those lines were blurred Sunday, capping a year in which TV was much celebrated as the more dynamic storytelling medium. The beloved and now concluded 'Breaking Bad' earned some of the night's loudest cheers for its first Globe wins: best drama TV series and best actor in a drama for Bryan Cranston.

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