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Boeing 757 and Boeing 757 Specs


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Specs Orders and Deliveries

The Boeing 757 is a low wing twin jet airliner that was produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes from 1981 to 2004. The 757 is a narrow body airliner with the normal configuration being 3 seats on either side of a single aisle. Boeing designed the 757 alongside and slightly behind the Boeing 767. The 767, which is a wide-bodied airliner, and the 757 share many of the same design features in airframe as well as internal systems. This enables pilots to very quickly transfer from one type to the other with minimal retraining.

The 757 was Boeings’ replacement for the 727 which had enjoyed immense popularity and was still the mainstay of many airline fleets around the world. The initial concept floated by Boeing in the mid-1970s was to either create an updated 727, the 727-300 or to create a whole new twin-engined design known as the 7N7. Some interest was shown by United Airlines who provided input for the 727-300. but this died out after a while as airlines were more interested now in the new high by-pass turbofan engines which would not fit the 727 tri-jet.

America West Airlines Boeing 757-225 N915AW October 1996
America West Airlines Boeing 757-225 N915AW October 1996.

The 7N7 was to be a much more modern aircraft taking advantage of new technology and materials. Strangely enough, the T-tail which is a feature of the 727 tri-jet design actually remained one of the last things to be changed. The standard tail section finally adopted enabled a larger passenger capacity as it removed the more tapered rear fuselage design.

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American Airlines Boeing 757-200 N605AA SJC
American Airlines Boeing 757-200 N605AA landing at San Jose, California.

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There was to be a 757-100, but this was seen as a doubling up on the territory already covered by the Boeing 737. The idea was shelved.

Rolling out of the Renton Factory for the first time on 13 January 1982, the prototype 757 was equipped with Rolls Royce RB211-535C engines. She made her maiden flight a week ahead of schedule on 19 February 1982. The first 5 757s built were used in stringent and punishing flight tests, including; cold climate, hot climate, high altitude airfields as well as route testing. Because of the commonality between the 757 and the 767, a lot of data was able to be cross-referenced between the two during testing. A few minor modifications such as door springs and surface strengthening for bird strikes were made but the results were very pleasing for Boeing. The aircraft came in at 1,630Kg lighter than expected and enjoyed a 3% per cent better than expected fuel burn result. This equated to extending the range by 200nm (370Km). Boeing was quick to highlight the economy of their new product.

enjoyed a 3% per cent better than expected fuel burn result.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-232 with winglets lands. Delta was one of the largest operators of the 757.
A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-232 with winglets lands. Delta was one of the largest operators of the 757.

The 757 was initiated by 40 orders from both Eastern Air Lines and British Airways. The launch airline ended up being Eastern Air Lines who received their first Boeing 757 on 22 December 1982. On 01 January 1983, they performed the first scheduled service from Atlanta to Tampa. British Airways followed very shortly after with their introduction of the 757 onto the London to Belfast shuttle service on 09 February 1983. This was the beginning of their phasing out of the Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B.


 Breakdown by aircraft Boeing 757 200 Boeing 757 200PF Boeing 757 300
Orders 914 80 55
Deliveries 914 80 55
Unfilled Orders

Boeing 757 Customers with countries and regions.

Use the filter on the right isolate particular information you are looking for and use the up and down arrows in each column header to sort by that column.
VariantsCountryRegion757-200757-200M757-200PF757-300Grand Total
Air China Southwest BranchChinaEast Asia1212
Air EuropeUnited KingdomEurope1515
Air Holland LeasingNetherlandsEurope33
America West AirlinesUSANorth America44
American AirlinesUSANorth America126126
Arkia Israeli AirlinesIsraelMiddle East22
ATA Airlines, Inc.USANorth America131225
Azerbaijan AirlinesAzerbaijanCentral Asia22
British AirwaysUnited KingdomEurope5050
China Southern AirlinesChinaEast Asia1919
China Xinjiang AirlinesChinaEast Asia66
Condor FlugdienstGermanyEurope171330
Delta Air LinesUSANorth America116116
Dubai Aerospace EnterpriseIrelandEurope21425
Eastern Air LinesUSANorth America2525
EL AL Israel AirlinesIsraelMiddle East77
Ethiopian Airlines GroupEthiopiaAfrica415
Far Eastern Air TransportTaiwanSoutheast Asia77
GATX Financial CorporationUSANorth America33
GECASUSANorth America44
Government of MexicoMexicoNorth America11
GPA GroupIrelandEurope1212
Iberia AirlinesSpainEurope2424
International Lease Finance CoUSANorth America8282
KE Aircraft LeasingUSANorth America22
L.T.E. International AirwaysSpainEurope11
Mid East JetSaudi ArabiaMiddle East11
Monarch AirlinesUnited KingdomEurope77
MyTravel AirwaysUnited KingdomEurope11
Nepal Airlines CorporationNepalSouth Asia112
Northwest AirlinesUSANorth America561672
Republic AirlinesUSANorth America66
Rolls-Royce A/C ManagementUnited KingdomEurope44
Royal Air MarocMoroccoAfrica22
Royal Brunei AirlinesBruneiSoutheast Asia33
Shanghai AirlinesChinaEast Asia1313
Singapore AirlinesSingaporeSoutheast Asia44
Starflite CorporationUSANorth America11
Sterling Air A/SDenmarkEurope33
Thomas Cook AirlinesUnited KingdomEurope22
Transavia AirlinesNetherlandsEurope33
TUI Travel PLCUnited kingdomEurope1616
Turkmenhowayollary AgencyTurkmenistanCentral Asia33
TWAUSANorth America1414
U.S. Air ForceUSANorth America44
United AirlinesUSANorth America1399148
UPSUSANorth America7575
US Airways (merged with AAL)USANorth America2323
Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistanCentral Asia33
Xiamen AirlinesChinaEast Asia99
Grand Total913180551049

Although orders looked promising to start with for the Boeing 757, the early 80s saw a bit of a drought in sales. Fuel prices had recovered from their early 70s spike and airlines were happy to sit on their older technology aircraft such as the Boeing 727, Douglas DC9, etc.. These aircraft were cheaper to buy and fuel economy was not as critical as it had been. Just as the critical decision was about to be made to slow down production, a turnaround came. In the U.S.A., congestion at airline hubs was becoming a problem and this spurred the demand for larger aircraft to carry more passengers on fewer flights. At the same time, noise regulations were coming into force at most airports and this was a problem for the older first-generation jet airliners.

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British Airways Boeing 757-200. British Airways was the second airline to fly the 757 and the first outside the U.S.A.
British Airways Boeing 757-200. British Airways was the second airline to fly the 757 and the first outside the U.S.A.

A month later Boeing announced a new variant, the 757-200PF. This was a freighter model and 20 were ordered by UPS Airlines.

The Boeing 757-200 was initially designed for short to medium-haul routes as a replacement for the 727, however, airlines started to use the 757 from everything from high-density short shuttle routes to intercontinental trans-Atlantic routes.

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Boeing 757-200PF Freighter in DHL livery
Boeing 757-200PF Freighter in DHL livery.

At the Farnborough Airshow of September 1996, Boeing announced the plans for the 757-300. This variant would be 7.13 Metres (23 Feet 5 In.) longer than the 757-200. The project was kicked off by an order from Condor Flugdienst for 12 airframes.

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RNZAF(Royal New Zealand Air Force) Boeing lands at Pegasus Airfield on the Ross Ice Shelf during its maiden flight to Antarctica.
RNZAF(Royal New Zealand Air Force) Boeing lands at Pegasus Airfield on the Ross Ice Shelf during its maiden flight to Antarctica.

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In the early 2000s Boeing once again floated the idea of a long-range 757 version but this was once again met with little interest. A concerted sales effort gained a few more sales but the 757 was winding down. Airlines seemed once again to be gravitating toward smaller airliners like the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 which were being offered in a range of sizes. Boeing was also looking toward an all-new airliner which would eventually become the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Something Boeing had never done before, was to dabble in the airliner conversion space. In March of 2001, they produced the first 757-200SF which was a second hand 757-200 converted to a freighter. Various modifications to the 200 enabled this to carry cargo on the main deck and hold below. Its capacity was nearly as high as the 757-200PF which was a purpose-built freighter.  FedEx Express was a large customer for the type, spending US$2.4 Billion to replace their old 727s with 80 757-200SF conversions.  By the middle of 2015, there were still 173 of the type in service.

Something Boeing had never done

Icelandair Boeing 757-256 named Hekla Aurora registration TF-FIU first flew 08 April 1994.
Icelandair Boeing 757-256 named Hekla Aurora registration TF-FIU first flew 08 April 1994.

Boeing 757 Specs

Model / Variant 757-200 757-200PF 757-300
Flight Crew  2
Length  47.3 metres (124 feet)  54.47 metres (178 feet 8 inches)
Wing Span  38.05 Metres (124 feet 10 inches)
Tail height  13.56 Metres (44 feet 6 inches)
Cabin Length (external)  36.09 Metres (118 feet 5 inches)  43.21 Metres (141 feet 9 inches)
Cabin Width (internal) 3.54 Metres (11 feet 6 inches)
Passenger Capacity Mixed Class 200 / Single Class 239 Nil Mixed Class 243 / Single Class 295
Empty Weight 57,840 kg (127,520 lb) 64,590 kg (142,400 lb)
Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) 115,680 kg (255,000 lb) 123,600 kg (272,500 lb)
Take-off Distance at ISA, Sea level, MTOW, using RB211-535E4B Engines 1,981 m (6,500 ft) 2,377 Metres (7,800 ft)
Service Ceiling 42,000 ft (12,800 m)
34,100 feet (10,400 m) cruise altitude
Maximum Cruising Speed Mach 0.86 (493 knots, 913 km/h at 35,000 ft (11,000 m) cruise altitude)
at an altitude of 34,100 feet (10,400 m)
Cruising Speed Mach 0.80 (458 knots, 850 km/h at cruise altitude of 35,000 ft or 10,660 m)
at an altitude of 34,100 feet (10,400 m)
Maximum Range Fully Laden 7,222 km (3,900 nm)
7,600 km (4,100 nm) with winglets
5,834 km (3,150 nm) 6,287 km (3,395 nm)
6,658 km (3,595 nm) with winglets
Fuel Capacity 43,490 Ltr (11,489 US gal) 42,680 Ltr (11,276 US gal) 43,400 Ltr (11,466 US gal)
Engines x 2 Rolls-Royce RB211 or
Pratt & Whitney PW2037
Rolls-Royce RB211
Pratt & Whitney PW2037,
Engine Thrust PW: 36,600–42,600 lbf (162.8–189.4 kN)
RR: 37,400–43,500 lbf (166–193.5 kN)
Model / Variant 757-200 757-200PF 757-300

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