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Health App on iPhone Riding Bike

Some simple settings in the Health app can help you better keep track of your activity. For instance, if you prefer to use kilometers instead of miles for tracking your running and walking, you can make this change in a few taps.

Just follow these steps to switch between miles and kilometers in the Health app on iPhone as well as the Workout app on Apple Watch.

Change the distance units on iPhone


1) Tap to open the Walking + Running Distance activity. You should see this widget on both the Today screen and the Health Data screen. So, just tap it.

2) When the graph page opens, scroll down a bit and select Unit.

3) On the Unit screen, tap to change from miles to kilometers. You’ll see a nice, red checkmark indicating your choice.

Health App Change Miles to Kilometers

Now you can view your activity distance in kilometers below the graph for your average as well as on the Walking + Running Distance widget for the current day. You should also see the change in your Activity app.

Health App Changed Miles to Kilometers

Change the distance units on Apple Watch

If you prefer to change the units on your Apple Watch, you can do this easily by opening the Workout app.

1) Tap the three-dot icon for one of the widgets such as Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run.

2) Tap Distance.

Workout App Apple Watch Access Distance Unit

3) Use Force Touch to open the menu.

4) Make your selection from miles or kilometers.

Workout App Apple Watch Change Distance Unit

Do more with Health and Apple Watch

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Wrapping it up

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