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The #1 Healthy Vending Business. (Franchise Support Without The Franchise Fees)

Healthy YOU Vending is a nutritional distribution platform dedicated to making healthy snacks, drinks and food products available to people across North America and to the success of our Operators.

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#1 Vending Business Opportunity in North America

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Healthy Vending Machines

The Industry’s Most Advanced Healthy Vending Machines

Check out HealthyYOU’s innovative healthy vending machines. These aren’t your ordinary healthy vending machines. This beautiful, distinctive vending system attracts customers like a magnet. Business offices, health clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools & colleges everywhere love having it on their premises.

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Healthy YOUniversity

Hands-on Training

But that recovery has also seen the size of bonuses drop: last year the average payout was Rmb12,821 ($1,861), about Rmb2,000 more than in 2015 but still roughly Rmb800 below the 2014 average. More than a quarter of those surveyed who saw their bonus shrink last year blamed the decrease on poor company performance.

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