Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Girl Groups in 2018

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节目29 创意乐舞《指尖与足尖》,郎朗 侯宏澜
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6. Lighting
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Justin Bieber rounded out the top five, honoured for his work with Pencils of Promise and his Believe Charity Drive.

Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Girl Groups in 2018

10. Momoland


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At the beginning of 2018, the group made a comeback with their title track ‘Bboom Bboom’, which became a hit and made Momoland more active in K-pop industry. They even won their first trophy on from music show at M! Countdown!.

Watch Momoland’s hit song:

9. Lovelyz

Lovelyz - KPOP Girl Groups

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They're the top three most unaffordable housing markets in the world, according to the 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2017, published recently.

In 2017, Lovelyz released their latest title track ”Wag-zak’.

Watch Lovelyz’s latest song:

8. AOA

AOA - KPOP Girl Groups

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4. "The Big Bang Theory" (3.4 million)
企业也在其他方面受益。英国国家电网公司的业务分析经理克雷格?罗拉森(Craig Rollason)表示,他通过指导一位Teach Firste人提高了自己的指导技巧。

10. Run the Jewels “Run the Jewels 2” (Mass Appeal) Speaking of urgent and stinging, Killer Mike and El-P, veteran underground rappers from different scenes, found firm traction on their second round as Run the Jewels. Their flow is strong and their focus is furious on an album that calls out power structures but lets nobody off the hook.

AOA released their studio album in May 2018 with the title track, ‘Bingle Bangle‘.

Watch AOA’s latest song:

7. Apink

Apink - KPOP Girl Groups

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The group has a bubblegum style with a vintage sound. Apink has a wide variety of fan following not just from Korea but from Japan & other Asian countries. Apink released their latest album I’m so sick‘ with a title song ‘One & Six’.

Watch Apink’s newest song:


Mamamoo - KPOP Girl Groups

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莱蒂齐娅·巴塔利亚(Letizia Battaglia)

In the middle month of July 2018, the group released their newest single ‘Egotistic’ with their new album ‘Red Moon’.

Watch MAMAMOO’s latest song:

5. GFriend


GFriend was formed with 6 members under Source Music in 2015. Their success in 2015 leaded the group to gain attention and popularity despite coming from a small company. The group even won several female rookie awards in 2015. GFriend won their first ever trophy and many other from music shows with title track ‘Rough’ of their third EP ‘Snowflake’.

For their fourth EP ‘The Awakening’, the pre-orders reached 100,000 units.  In August 2017, released their title song ‘Love Whisper’ of their fifth mini album ‘Parallel’. And in September, the group released another title track ‘Summer Rain’ of their repackage album ‘Rainbow’. GFriend held their first concert and Asia Tour called ‘Season of GFriend’ in 2018.

Watch GFriend’s song:

4. Girls’ Generation

Girls' Generation - KPOP Girl Groups

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3. 丹·韦斯(Dan Weiss),《14》,Pi Recordings。《14》的内容如此丰富,整张专辑的作曲由鼓手丹·韦斯一手包办:细节丰富的室内乐,前卫的啸叫,新音乐无词人声与北印度音乐。相比这个宏大的音乐参照系,更令人印象深刻的是,韦斯集结了12名同行乐手,把所有音乐元素融汇为流畅的整体。
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Their latest song ‘Holiday’ was realized in August 2017.

Watch their latest song:

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet - KPOP Girl Groups

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In July 2017, Red velvet topped the Gaon Album Chart with their summer song ‘Red Flavor’, and the song did gain the positive image. At the same year, the group released their second studio album ‘Perfect Velvet’, with the lead singer ‘Peek-a-Boo’. 

In January 2018, Red Velvet was being praised after released ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’ that is the repackage of the previous with their lead single ‘Bad Boy’, which portrayed a sexy concept for the first time.

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BLACKPINK was formed by a famous Korean agency, YG Entertainment. The group has won best new artist award for the year 2016. The group is skilled with hip-hop, EDM & r&b style which is making the group popular amongst much different taste oriented followers & fans.


Songs (Ping An, Xu Yina and Apusasa)

With their 2017 hit ‘As If It’s Your Last’, BLACKPINK has become the first female K-pop who act to have three number-one hits on Billboard’s World Digital song Sales chart and even act to be on Youtube’s Global Top 25 Summer Songs.

Check out BLACKPINK’s hit song:


TWICE - popular Kpop girl groups
With huge popularity amongst their fans & a long list of awards & recognition Twice has made the way for the first ranking in our list. The group was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2015. The first album was launched in 2015 named ‘Like OOH-Ahh’ which gained reasonable success to the group.

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Bangkok's back!
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The list also has some movies that earned awards at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival in February, such as the best movie winner On Body and Soul and best director winner The Other Side of Hope, by Aki Kaurismaki of Finland.

Losers: Knicks
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Watch Twice’s latest song: