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Tank size and Stocking ideas for South American cichlids?

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Flyfisha avatar
1 year ago

Hi ShartyWaffles

Dwarf SA Cichlids are aggressive, some more so than others. When a fish matures it starts to think about breeding. When in breeding mode many dwarf cichlids become very territorial and more aggressive.
Breeding or wanting to breed is what fish do.


I see many videos of multiple Dwarf SA cichlids in tanks .Some even had breeding and fry in a community tank. That has not been my experience with any of the Dwarf SA cichlids. I can't even keep blue Rams or any of the four colours in anything but pairs after they have bonded as a pair.Your county may call all blue Rams German blue Rams?
I don't like aggressive behaviour to look at and I don't like to watch fish killing each other .
I had 4 gold Rams ( just blue Rams with a different colour) kill two to make a breeding pair in a 210 litre/ 55 gallon.
I have been able to keep 6 Bolivian Rams in a group, no breeding behaviour . I suspect they will need separating if a pair wants to breed ?
My current preferred apistogrmma setups are 60 and 80 litre tanks with just pairs or future pairs with a few schooling dither fish. I have 140 and 210 litre tanks but again can't seem to find any groups of Dwarf SA cichlids that want to share with any others. 210 litres with one pair is a waste of space even if I have multiple other fish none of the others are Dwarf SA cichlids.Some apistogrmma species can have more than one female per male in larger tanks the books say. I am reliably informed that the females have territories and fight about space. Again still only one species in a tank.

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It would be interesting to hear of other people's experience with dwarf SA cichlids or some of the slightly larger SA cichlids.
As these fish are expensive it's one more reason to not enjoy pulling out dead fish but not the only reason.

Akash1991 avatar
1 year ago

Hi ShartyWaffles

If you go for 40 breeder or 55 gallon aquarium and consider dwarf Cichlid variety, then you can choose from electric blue rams, german blue rams, Bolivian rams, apistogramma (I would prefer cockatoo). You might be able to keep 3 of each type comfortably in a 55. I am myself planning to get a 55 gallon for SA cichlid type. I might go with a single Blue acara or a green terror. All the best for your aquarium. Do share pics when you get one 😊

Flyfisha avatar
1 year ago

You might ShartyWaffles but I doesn't work for me ?
Try it Akash1991 at $85 a pair and a 7 hour plus drive for me I am just saying what has been happening for for me with fish that aren't even in breeding mode.
A 210 litre is a 55 gallon, that's the scene of the gold Rams demise .
A 150 litre is a 40 gallon ok they are not the shade of a breeder that has more floor area. That has Bolivians I have tried other Rams and apistogrmma in with them .
Apistogrmma are incredibly slow eaters.
I won't bore you with pictures of fish but I currently have all those fish you write about and as written earlier find they just don't want to share.

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Suesblues avatar
1 year ago

I've also tried 3 German blue Rams in a 75g, unfortunately 2 just harassed one so much she needed to be rehomed.
I have a pair of Electric Blue Acara's at the moment and they're really nice fish.
But with constant spawning, it's hard to keep fish with them.
I've got Congo Tetras with mine, they know not to go near the bottom of the tank.
My Bristlenose plecs are built like tanks and no threat to the fry.

Flyfisha avatar
1 year ago

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Suesblues avatar
1 year ago

Congrats Flyfisha, good luck 👍

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