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Loan for Honda Activa 6G | Price 2020 | Down payment | EMI Calculator

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Latest Price of Honda Activa 6G

Model: Activa 6G STD
Ex-showroom price (Delhi): Rs. 63,912
On Road price (Delhi): * Rs. **74000.00
*On road price does not include optional items like – Accessories, Extended warranty, AMC..

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Honda Activa 6G Down Payment

A Minimum Down payment for Honda activa 6G is Around 10000 or depends on your loan amount approval.

List of Banks who provide the loan for Honda Activa 6G

SBI Two Wheeler Loan 11.70% – 17.50%
HDFC Two Wheeler Loan 15.00% – 22.00%
ICICI Two Wheeler Loan 12.5% – 16.5%
PNB Two Wheeler Loan 13.25% – 14.75%
宁夏鼓励本土企业挂牌上市 最高奖励1000万元 12.40%
Bank of India Two Wheeler Loan 14.25%
Bajaj Finance Two Wheeler Loan Depends on Profile
Uco Bank Two Wheeler Loan 12.60% p.a

Calculate loan emi for Honda Activa 6G

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Loan Amount = Rs.50000
Interest Rate = 15.00%
Loan Repayment Period = 2 Years
EMI per month = Rs. 2,424

Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 Rs. 23,134 Rs. 5,954 Rs. 26,866
2 Rs. 26,896 Rs. 2,234 Rs. 0

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