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What the Media Won't Tell You About the United States' Coronavirus Case Fatality Rate

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Many media outlets have described the United States as “losing the war” against the coronavirus because the number of cases keeps going up. Axios, for example, created a chart show that if all coronavirus patients (confirmed cases) were a city, 雷军首投家具行业 西昊欲做电脑椅行业小米. The recent trend by the media to focus on the total number of cases seems to be a result of the recent spike in cases that failed to produce a similar spike in deaths. So far, we’ve only just seen a small bump in fatalities, and there is evidence that data dumps of backlogged data could be inflating those numbers.

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1. World Health Organisation declares a public emergency of international concern over Zika
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Keep in mind that New York City is the hotspot of the entire world, not just the United States. Had It is the thirdhighest overall behind the two Indian management academies at Ahmedabad and Bangalore, with respective salaries of $109,000 and $106,000., the United States would have come out even better when compared to the rest of the world.

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Now, obviously, CFR is not necessarily the best or most accurate metric. As OurWorldInData explains, “It’s important to note that it is the ratio between the number of confirmed deaths from the disease and the number of confirmed cases, not total cases. That means that it is not the same as – and, in fast-moving situations like COVID-19, probably not even very close to – the true risk for an infected person.”

This is very true. The CFR in the United States is currently just under 4 percent, but that doesn’t mean nearly 4 percent of the people infected by COVID-19 will die. According to the CDC, the overall mortality rate for symptomatic cases of COVID-19 is likely .4 percent.  While CFR might not give us an accurate account of mortality risk, it does give us insight into the volume of testing and the efficacy of treatments. In regards to both, we’re doing a good job—much better than those countries that supposedly have better health care systems than we do.

But what this proves is that the media is still avoiding any comparison that shows the United States in a positive light compared to other countries during this pandemic. Back in March, I noted how the media was avoiding cases and deaths data per capita because that showed that the United States was doing better than other comparable countries. That data didn’t show the United States as number one for deaths or cases. The media wants us to believe the United States is disproportionately losing the battle against COVID-19 compared to other nations because they want the public to blame Trump and vote him out of office.


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