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it is a Phineas and Ferb gts/shrink
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Chapter 3

isabella garcia shapiro

    by: Bilbo Baggins   More by this author
Isabella was returning home after another fun day with Phineas and Ferb and was ready to relax from the adventure they just had exploring the unknown parts of the Amazon rain forest. She took back with her a beautiful flower that she had never seen before. When she entered through her home's front door her mother Vivian called from another room asking where her sandals are at. Isabella sets her potted flower on the table near the front door and she happens to look down and found her mother's sandals.
"There by the front door Mom" Isabella yells to her mother. But once she finished that sentence her flower sprayed her with some liquid substance and she began to shrink. Unfortunately for her she was leaning over Vivian's sandals and fell onto one of them while shrinking. She finally stopped shrinking at the size of 1/10th Millimeters and landed on the toe section of her mother's left sandal. She stood up and looked around at her new surroundings, everything was now incredibly massive and the sandal she was looked like it stretched for miles.
Suddenly loud booms could be heard coming and Isabella knew it is her mom coming to get her sandals. She looked up in shock at how big her mother is now and did all she could trying to get Vivian's attention. But it did not work and the only thing Isabella could do was look as her mother....
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