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Plan 95058RW New American House Plan with Amazing Views to the Rear

New American House Plan with Amazing Views to the Rear

Plan 95058RW

  • 2,682

    Heated s.f.

  • 2-5


  • 3.5+ - 4.5+


  • 1


  • 3


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Cover Page

At least 4 exterior elevations

Floor plans

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深圳超1.68万套房源被锁 或陷旧改市场危情

O2O成趋势 家居建材巨头忙开线下体验店

Typical Wall sections

Most will include:

·         Floor framing plans

·         Cross Sections

2016年广东涂企“走出去” 将尝试抱团新模式

Floor Plan

Optional Lower Level

New American House Plan with Amazing Views to the Rear - 95058RW floor plan - Optional Lower Level

Plan details


New American House Plan with Amazing Views to the Rear

  • 2,682

    Heated s.f.

  • 2 - 5


  • 5 +


  • 1


  • 3

    Car garage

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  • PDF - Single-Build $1,400
  • CAD - Single-Build $2,650
  • 发改委:交通基础设施依然是西部大开发的重点任务

About This Plan

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Floor Plans

  • Main Level

  • Optional Lower Level

Plan Details

Square Footage Breakdown

  • Total Heated Area: 2,682 sq. ft.
  • 1st Floor: 2,682 sq. ft.
  • Porch, Combined: 956 sq. ft.
  • Optional Lower Level: 1,940 sq. ft.
  • Basement Unfinished: 742 sq. ft.


  • Bedrooms: 2, 3, 4, & 5
  • Full bathrooms: 3 or 4
  • Half bathrooms: 2

Foundation Type

    • Standard Foundations: Basement, Daylight, Walkout

Exterior Walls

  • Standard Type(s): 2x6


  • Width: 79' 0"
  • Depth: 97' 9"
  • Max ridge height: 23' 0"


  • Type: Attached
  • Area: 1425 sq. ft.
  • Count: 3 Cars
  • Entry Location: Courtyard

Ceiling Heights

  • Floor / Height: Lower Level / 10' 0" First Floor / 10' 0"


  • Primary Pitch: 7 on 12