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The five components of health related fitness


“Teach Firsters” are highly desirable for recruiters, says Claire Burton, head of corporate responsibility at the UK arm of Deloitte, the accountant and consultant, bec-ause they are good at working in teams and are strong leaders.
“尽管我本质上是一名工程师和分析人员,但迄今为止我所做过的最重要的决定都与此无关,它们永远是基于直觉,”他去年在曾就读MBA的杜克大学(Duke University)对一名采访者表示。
It seems safe to predict lots more noise and very little progress for the rest of 2017. And that will continue to be a damaging combination for business and the UK economy.


1- Cardiovascular endurance:
Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart lungs and blood vessels to move and use oxygen.
To increase my cardiovascular endurance I go for a long slow jog at least three times a week.

2- Flexibility:
Flexibility is the ability to move joints and muscles through a range of different movements.
To increase my flexibility I do dynamic stretching before exercise and static stretching after exercise.

3- Muscular endurance:
Muscular endurance is the ability to move your body or an object repeatedly for a long period of time.
To increase my muscular endurance I do a lot of repetitions of an exercise with a low amount of weight.

4- Muscular strength:
Muscular strength is the maximum amount of force that a muscle can exert one time.
I lift a heavy weight for only a few repetitions to increase my muscular strength.

5- Body composition:
body composition is the percentage of fat own water and muscle in your body to maintain an ideal body weight you should eat healthy foods and exercise daily.

Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province made the biggest progress in improving traffic with measures including vehicle restrictions and better road links, said the report.
Stanford's Zhenan Baohas has developed a super-flexible, super-durable, and super-sensitive material that can be the basis for future synthetic skin. People have tried developing synthetic skin before, but Baohas's material handles touch sensitivity better than any predecessor. It contains organic transistors and a layer of elastic, letting it stretch without taking damage. And it's self-powered—this skin contains a series of elastic solar cells.

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