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The Sims 4 introduces first non-binary character with Island Living

Reiss Smith June 21, 2019
Screenshow of a Create A Sim page

'That's something that would be challenged, I think, in the 21st century.

The Sims 4 has debuted its first stock character who is gender non-confirming as part of its new ‘Island Living’ expansion pack.

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YouTuber Lilsimsie shared a glimpse at the character’s ‘Create a Sim’ settings, which show Lia to have a “masculine” physical frame and a “feminine” clothing preference. The settings also state that Lia is able to become pregnant.

“In a game that’s supposed to be about representing people, it is so cool to see people represented. The Sims, one of the biggest franchises ever, just put an actual transgender Sim into their game… and she’s beautiful,” Lilsimsie said.

The Sims 4 loosens gender binary

The Sims players have been able to create custom characters outside of the gender binary since 2016, though the game hadn’t featured a gender non-conforming stock character until now.

Seven schools made it back into the top 100 after having missed out in the past year or two.

“In a game that’s supposed to be about representing people, it is so cool to see people represented.”

—YouTuber Lilsimsmie

“Creating the possibility for greater gender diversity within the world of The Sims is an exciting development,” 现在,我们来说说2010年。

Pushing ahead with the five priority tasks through reform

The Sims 4 releases Pride content

On Tuesday (June 18) EA rolled out a raft of LGBT+ content to celebrate Pride month, made available on The Sims 4 on PC, The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile.

Players can access items such as gender-neutral bathroom door and Pride-themed clothing.


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