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While both numbers came in below forecast, they show how the BoJ has a tough decision on its hands, with respect to potentially ramping up its quantitative easing programme. The monthly numbers look good, the yearly ones not so much.

Learn to control your emotions, control your thoughts, get over fear of rejection and learn to open up.
n. 不和谐,刺耳声,震动,震惊,广口瓶

Using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti GPUs, with the cuDNN-accelerated TensorFlow deep learning framework, the researchers trained their algorithm on a self-collected ASL dataset, comprised of approximately 7,000 samples covering 56 commonly used ASL words and 100 ASL sentences. 

The researchers used an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier to implement their deep learning model, allowing the system to translate the ASL sentences in real time.

“If a deaf person were in the hospital and needed to communicate with a doctor they would have to wait for the hospital’s translator – if they have one – to arrive, connect with a toll-free service or rely on a family member to be present. This compromises their privacy and could worsen a health emergency,” said Biyi Fang, who created the DeepASL system as part of his Ph.D., along with Professor Mi Zhang of Michigan State University.

v. 抢劫,掠夺
5. 持续行动
Lecent Ross枪击案已逮捕两人

The system architecture of DeepASL.


By the end of 2015, Shanghai's population of migrant residents had decreased to 9.8 million, comprising 40.6 percent of the city's roughly 24 million permanent residents, according to statistics released by the Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau on Monday.
埃玛·莫拉诺(Emma Morano)

1.Under no circumstances should you ask your taxi driver how excited he is about having the Olympics in London this summer. It's not that he will be reluctant or embarrassed to offer a personal opinion on the matter. That is not the problem at all.

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