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What Are the Early Warning Signs of Vaping Illness?

Electronic cigarettes were originally designed as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. But it turns out smoking e-cigarettes -- commonly known as vaping -- has its own risks.

In August 2019, the CDC began tracking cases of severe lung problems in people who vape. Thousands had lung damage that needed treatment in hospitals, and several died from the condition. Eventually, researchers tied these cases to vaping. The illness is now called e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI).

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Early Symptoms of EVALI

Although researchers know the condition is tied to vaping, they’re not yet clear how it happens.

“We’re still not exactly sure the exact cause of it, but there is an inflammatory response that occurs in the lung presumed due to something in the aerosol from vaping,” says Joanna Tsai, MD, a pulmonologist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Someone with EVALI may have breathing and digestive problems, along with other symptoms, including:


Who’s Most at Risk

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You may be more at risk if the product you’re vaping has vitamin E acetate. The CDC says it’s the common chemical found in the lungs of people who’ve gotten sick. Vitamin E acetate comes from vitamin E. It’s generally used to thicken liquids, particularly in e-cigarette or vaping products that have THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets you high.

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“[W]hen the outbreak of EVALI occurred with multiple deaths noted, we have learned that the majority of the individuals involved vaped THC, although there were still reports of people who vaped exclusively nicotine,” says Tsai.

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What to Do if You Have Symptoms

See your doctor right away if you vape any kind of product and get any of the above symptoms. They’ll do a full exam and evaluation to rule out other illnesses, such as bacterial or viral pneumonia. You might get a chest X-ray or CT scan. Healthy lungs are filled with air and appear dark. The scan will show hazy-looking spots (opacities) if you have EVALI.

You may be given corticosteroids to lessen inflammation in the lungs. Or you might be put on a ventilator in severe cases. But it’s still not safe to go back to vaping if your doctor says it’s just a cold or stomach bug. While the CDC has several precautions for people who continue to use e-cigarettes or vape, it says the best way to avoid risk of EVALI is to quit vaping altogether.

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