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American Idol's Best, Most Memorable Auditions Ever

There are some auditions from this show we'll likely never forget

By Lauren Piester Mar 07, 2019 9:59 PMTags
American Idol, Alejandro ArandaABC

American Idol's back at it once again and still managing to find new and impressive talent across America. 

In last night's auditions, Katy Perry declared that Alejandro Aranda was "the winner." She even said she quit after watching his incredibly impressive guitar and piano skills. Luke Bryan said he'd never seen anything like that, and Lionel Richie was stunned. 

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American Idol: Where Are They Now?

Kelly Clarkson 

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Carrie Underwood 

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Blake Lewis 

Back when contestants couldn't audition with instruments, it was a thrill any time anyone did anything differently. Blake Lewis' beatboxing was completely different from what anyone else was doing, and it was also crazy good, and a sign of the creative performances he'd go on to give us before coming in second place to...

Jordin Sparks 

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American Idol Declares the Best Audition of All Time

Catie Turner

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Noah Davis 

Other than connecting with Katy Perry over the word "wig," Davis is memorable for surprising everyone with his piano performance of Rihanna's "Stay." And also his love of alpacas. Noah Davis is a very memorable contestant just in general, and this audition was for sure one of the highlights of Idol's 2018 return. 

Fantasia Barrino 


Katharine McPhee 

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Jennifer Hudson

金奇(James Kynge)
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Adam Lambert

Would you believe that the guy who now performs as the frontman of Queen sang a Queen song for his Idol audition? Because he did, and he killed it. 

Jessica Sanchez

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Melinda Doolittle

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1.Bladeless Fans

Clay Aiken

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Burnell Taylor


American Idol now airs on ABC.