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10 Iconic Presidential Campaign Ads That Changed Political Advertising

But closing the deal on RCEP less than a year after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the TPP would be a big win for Beijing.
Zhang Jingxiu, executive director of Beijing-based employment consultancy Newjincin Research Institute, said he didn't monitor the significant decrease of students' willingness to start businesses, but he does admit the desire to found startups among students on campus is low.
We will do more to energize the non-public sector.
Global warming and a powerful El weather event combined to make 2015 the planet’s hottest year since modern records began in the 1800s, according to scientists, who warned this year could be even warmer.

Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, has dominated ad spending so far, swamping the GOP's candidate by a 15-to-1 margin. According to SMG Delta, Clinton and groups supporting her have bought $45 million in ads for the general election, compared with $3 million spent in support of Trump—none of which came from the Trump campaign itself.

5. "Dexter" (3.1 million)
3. Kraft. Brand love: -10% / Rank: 11
Golden State equaled the 1957-58 Celtics as the only defending champions to win their initial 14 games. The Warriors are one of five teams in NBA history to begin 14-0, and will travel to Denver looking to keep it going Sunday.

There’s a (not so) quiet revolution going on under the hoods of today’s cars, trucks and crossovers if the latest list of best engines compiled by the experts at WardsAuto is any indication. Turbocharged, supercharged and diesel engines – and even one electric motor – dominate the 20th annual 10 Best Engines awards, which, according to Wards, “recognize outstanding powertrain achievement, world-class technologies and those rare engines or electric propulsion systems that are so compelling they help sell the vehicle.”