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Guru of Finance
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Guru of Finance
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Russian Federation Nov 15, 2020 02:52

fig做,制作+ure →做出的状态→形象,人物

France Mar 25, 2020 08:11

Leading actress Sun Li played Zhou in the drama. Despite her age, Sun, who was born in 1982, still successfully presented a lovely and innocent teenage Zhou in the eyes of many audience members.
“I am so overwhelmed and elated that fur has been banned from London Fashion Week! Progress!” Faith wrote.
According to the annual Global Trade Protection Report, companies in the US launched 43 anti-dumping cases in 2015 and a further 22 anti-subsidy investigations aimed at securing countervailing duties. The US took the lead in both areas, overtaking India and Brazil, which launched the most cases in 2014 and 2013.
Like any college kid, Evan Wray loved using the tiny pictograms known as emoji. But he hated that there was no emoji to express his Fighting Irish pride with fellow University of Notre Dame students. So, alongside co-founder Sean O’Brien, he built a modest business on that disconnect. TextPride, as it was called, licensed images from brands in the sports and entertainment world and sold them as sticker packs. Within a messaging app like Kik, users could buy a packet of stickers for Disney’s Frozen for $1.99, for example.
Baby Driver

Russian Federation Mar 19, 2020 14:14

Widely misunderstood as a biopic about the novelist David Foster Wallace, Mr. Ponsoldt’s film is a comedy of journalistic bad manners and a bitter, knowing satire of the machinery of literary fame. Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel use the conventions of the buddy movie to perfect a new subgenre: the frenemy film.
Producing fake data, it appears, is condoned at official levels. Publishing real data lands you up in court. Much more of this and the public will be right to lose trust in official statistics.

Russian Federation Nov 23, 2018 08:09

I’m not saying you should blindly accept everything that’s offered to you, it’s okay to take time when considering the pros and cons of an opportunity. But, when you find yourself leaning toward “No,” you owe it to yourself to be sure that you’re turning down the opportunity for a valid reason, not just out of fear.

Russian Federation Nov 22, 2018 18:52

4. 外包就业服务

Russian Federation Nov 21, 2018 07:32


Russian Federation Nov 20, 2018 20:33

Stanford’s alumni have the highest salary on average at $195,000 but overall the top 15 MBA programmes are closely matched in terms of income, career progress and satisfaction. All but one have average alumni salaries greater than $150,000, with a pay increase of about 100 per cent compared with their pre-MBA income.
节目39 歌曲《冬天里的一把火》,吴克群 《梦想合唱团》宁波队

China Nov 20, 2018 07:21


Russian Federation Nov 20, 2018 07:15

Unfortunately, there won't be a 2014 rematch between Brazil and Uruguay, as the latter was eliminated on Saturday. If Brazil makes it to the final on July 13, the country could play Mexico, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Greece, USA, Belgium, Argentina or Switzerland.

United Kingdom Nov 20, 2018 01:12

Got $21.67,thanks admin.

Russian Federation Nov 19, 2018 20:25

源于:metal(n 金属),因为奖牌是金属做的

Bangladesh Nov 19, 2018 07:50


Russian Federation Nov 19, 2018 06:41


Russian Federation Nov 18, 2018 19:51

The average price for new residential housing rose 12.6 per cent in November year on year, according to a weighted average from Reuters based on data for 70 major cities published by the National Bureau of Statistics. That is up just 0.3 percentage points from October, whereas previous months had frequently seen jumps of 1 or 2 percentage points at a time.

China Nov 18, 2018 01:11


Russian Federation Nov 17, 2018 20:03

Global smartphone shipments reached 1.47 billion units in 2016, up by 2.3 percent from last year, said IDC.

Russian Federation Nov 17, 2018 19:14

英国国家电网(National Grid)的教育和技能主管托尼?莫洛尼(Tony Moloney)表示,参与该项目是国家电网旨在鼓励学校学生学习STEM科目(科学,技术、工程和数学)以及熟悉本领域工作的总体计划的一部分。

China Nov 17, 2018 16:12

The Harry Potter star Emma Watson hold fifth position in the list of ten most beautiful women of 2015. The English actress, model, and activist, Watson took the top spot on the AskMen “Top 99 Outstanding Women 2015″ list and at number 26 on the TIME 100 list of the world's most influential people.

Russian Federation Nov 16, 2018 18:49

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
Notably, among the nine schools ranked for the first time, WP Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University is the first US institution to take part in the ranking, having entered at 82.

Russian Federation Nov 15, 2018 18:48

The Caixin-sponsored composite PMI for November came in at 50.5, the first time it had broken through the 50-mark separating contraction from expansion since July.

Russian Federation Nov 15, 2018 12:58


Russian Federation Nov 14, 2018 17:46

Ashley Graham, 30, is the first ever curve model to make the highest-paid list, coming in at 10th place after banking $5.5 million from her lingerie and swimsuit lines contracts.
Gitanjali Rao was selected from 10 finalists who had spent three months collaborating with scientists to develop their ideas.

Russian Federation Nov 14, 2018 06:52


Russian Federation Nov 13, 2018 17:39

Emerging market exports have been declining in dollar terms since October 2014, a far longer, if less extreme, losing streak than during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, as the first chart shows.

Russian Federation Nov 12, 2018 19:43

4. AT&T
Accounting and consultancy

Russian Federation Nov 12, 2018 17:26

7. Political wars guarantee intense volatility through 2014-2016 elections

Russian Federation Nov 12, 2018 14:34

开年楼市观察:地方调控精准化 租房落户再扩围

China Nov 12, 2018 12:35

vt. 挖去果核
Whedon had always loved the seemingly separate ideas of sci-fi and westerns, and through The Killer Angels, he saw a way to combine them. "I wanted to play with that classic notion of the frontier," he said. "Not the people who made history, but the people history stepped on—the people for whom every act is the creation of civilization." And Whedon decided to set the frontier on a spaceship: a ship named Serenity.

China Nov 12, 2018 12:33

paid me thanks

Russian Federation Nov 12, 2018 08:04

For years, slow emissions declines in the West have been swamped by rising emissions in the East, and the trend continued in 2013. China's emissions grew 4.2 percent and India's 5.1 percent. Both countries have been constructing coal-burning power plants at a breakneck pace.

Russian Federation Nov 11, 2018 19:26

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler are case studies of demagogues turned into despots.
After weeks of rumors, Phil Jackson failed to move Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, two players who absolutely should have been traded for the long-term benefit of the franchise.

Russian Federation Nov 11, 2018 17:02


China Nov 11, 2018 04:27

adj. 有经验的
The fact is, Hon Lik is not the first person to invent the e-cigarette. Way back in 1963, Herbert Gilbert made the world's first device that could be used to inhale tobacco-flavored air. In Gilbert's original version, there was no form of combustion and it was free of nicotine. He later designed a prototype that used a battery to create heat. He also used different flavors of water to create steam. He presented his prototypes to different chemical, pharmaceutical, and tobacco companies, but they simply turned down his prototypes.

China Nov 11, 2018 02:47

5. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之化学奖

China Nov 11, 2018 00:18


Russian Federation Nov 10, 2018 17:00

A partnership with IBM to sell iPads and iPhones to big corporate customers is just one example of how Apple is looking beyond its own walls more under Mr Cook, something Jobs had resisted.
"The autonomous region has invested 4 billion yuan (around 600 million US dollars) to promote industries with local features in poor areas, and relocated 77,000 poor people last year," said Lu Huadong, deputy director with the office.

Russian Federation Nov 10, 2018 08:59

n. 按揭,抵押贷款

Russian Federation Nov 09, 2018 16:11

Bobbi's dad Anton, 28, admits that he had his concerns at first, but is now comfortable with Bobbi's routine.

Russian Federation Nov 08, 2018 23:09

The thing about the Mavericks is that this is not at all how Dirk should go out. That team has been so solid his entire career. To have a busted season now is painful. Maybe he ought to have joined Kobe, KG, and Big Fundamental last summer.

Russian Federation Nov 08, 2018 19:43


Russian Federation Nov 07, 2018 16:58

sc=scene(n 风景),roll(n 卷)-卷着风景的画卷

Russian Federation Nov 07, 2018 16:46

北京正努力在年底前完成《区域全面经济伙伴关系协定》(Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership,简称RCEP)。该协议长期以来被称为中国面对《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,简称TPP)的对策,以及代表了中国争取区域贸易霸权的努力。

Russian Federation Nov 06, 2018 15:45

But that kind of emotional identification gets lost on the runway, and the retail floor. And then we are left with what?

Russian Federation Nov 06, 2018 14:02

The highest newly ranked school is Université Paris-Dauphine at 57.

China Nov 06, 2018 10:12

The World Health Organization this year declared H1N1 a global epidemic. Fortunately, it is much less threatening than people previously believed, and newly introduced vaccines seem to have quelled lingering fears.
v. 改革,改造,革新

Singapore Nov 06, 2018 07:33

1. “Timbuktu”(Abderrahmane Sissako)
“…claimed he was late because he got lost, but our receptionist said she had seen him hanging out at the coffee shop.”

China Nov 06, 2018 07:22


Russian Federation Nov 05, 2018 22:41

Hope you enjoy the happiness of New Year and all the trimmings.祝你享尽新年佳节的快乐和新年的礼品。

Russian Federation Nov 05, 2018 15:40

A series of explosions on Aug. 12 that originated in a warehouse illegally storing hazardous chemicals in the port city of Tianjin killed 173 people, injured hundreds and left behind post-apocalyptic scenes of destruction. The blasts raised serious questions about the lax enforcement of safety regulations during China's rapid industrialization.
We will improve mechanisms that give incentives and allow for and address mistakes so as to support those who are dedicated to their work and stand behind those who live up to their responsibilities. Every one of us in government must take an active approach to our work and have the courage to tackle the toughest problems, we must work closely with the people, using concrete action to make progress in development, and using genuine hard work to realize a bright future.

Korea, Republic of Nov 05, 2018 11:08

The inclusion of three turbodiesel engines this year could be considered controversial, especially as diesels remain far less popular in the U.S. than in Europe, where they tend to dominate the discussion. This is the first year in which more than two diesel-powered mills made the top 10 list and ironically two of them come from domestic automakers, including the only current full-size domestic half-ton pickup to offer one, the Ram 1500.

Russian Federation Nov 04, 2018 22:35

《中国日报》(China Daily)援引中国旅游研究院(China Tourism Academy)和北京市旅游发展委员会(Beijing Commission of Tourism Development)的一篇报告称,污染状况加剧以及人民币升值,使得北京去年1月至11月间的外国游客数量从2012年同期的501万人下降至420万人。此前一份基于对国内旅行社的调查的报告显示,去年前三个季度赴北京旅游的游客数量较上年同期下降约50%。

Russian Federation Nov 04, 2018 19:26


Russian Federation Nov 03, 2018 20:40

n. 授权(书), 认可

Russian Federation Nov 03, 2018 17:41

单词securities 联想记忆:

Russian Federation Nov 03, 2018 08:48

6. Bubloon

Russian Federation Nov 02, 2018 21:22


Russian Federation Nov 02, 2018 17:15

The list also has some movies that earned awards at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival in February, such as the best movie winner On Body and Soul and best director winner The Other Side of Hope, by Aki Kaurismaki of Finland.

Russian Federation Nov 02, 2018 11:53


Russian Federation Nov 01, 2018 12:18

10.Be Dedicated and balanced

USA Nov 01, 2018 01:50

paid me,very nice

Russian Federation Nov 01, 2018 00:12

京沪深步入存量房时代 热点城市或面临量价回调

China Oct 31, 2018 12:57

24个陶卫品牌跻身中国500强 马可波罗九牧等居前列

China Oct 30, 2018 17:52

Despite the reported success of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official visit to Canada back in September, timekeeping needs to be looked at for future trips.
n. 检查,视察

China Oct 30, 2018 14:53

家装设置陷阱维权难 家电预付卡成投诉“重灾区”

China Oct 30, 2018 14:47

Best Luxury Brand: Porsche

USA Oct 30, 2018 14:25

日本央行行长黑田东彦(Haruhiko Kuroda)表示:“我觉得我们可以对全球前景持谨慎乐观态度。”

United Kingdom Oct 30, 2018 14:23

台湾欧德家具集结同行 明年进军大陆抢市场

Russian Federation Oct 30, 2018 11:54

Pan Jiancheng, deputy head of the bureau's China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center, said the increasing proportion of research and development expenditure to GDP indicates that the driving force of economic growth is transforming to innovation-focus from the traditional factors - exports and investment.

Russian Federation Oct 30, 2018 00:49

201107/145539.shtmlAnd so, farewell to “Mad Men.” Farewell to the blogs and fan sites that tracked the story line (and more important, the outfits) of each episode.

Russian Federation Oct 29, 2018 07:57

Summly and Yahoo refused to comment on the deal’s terms.
Nevertheless, as New Yorkers grow accustomed to a sharing economy, buildings might ultimately have to embrace it.
尽管英国商学院的排名平均上升了两位,但法国商学院的排名平均下降了一位——法国是商学院数量最多的欧洲国家。里昂商学院(EMLyon Business School)由于跌出MBA榜单之外,整体排名下降了15位,同时北方高等商学院(Edhec Business School)由于未能进入EMBA榜单,整体排名下降了8位。
单词deputy 联想记忆:

Russian Federation Oct 29, 2018 00:48

为保证更快的经济增长就必须要要消除美联储所担忧的另一个恶魔:通货紧缩,或者说价格下降。Baumohl 称“经济增长达到3%以上,并且自90年代以来新增了大量工作的国家发生通货紧缩几乎是不可能的”。

Russian Federation Oct 28, 2018 00:00

The bulk was due to underlying global warming caused largely by rising emissions of carbon dioxide, the main man-made greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.
It was apparent not just in obvious brand extensions, like Banana Republic’s “Mad Men” collection (designed in collaboration with the show’s costume supremo, Janie Bryant), but in more pervasive, unspoken ways: in silhouette and print; in hemline and seam. And in the clear belief, visible on catwalks everywhere, that the 1960s were the answer to every moment of pallid inspiration, or aesthetic doubt.
Anyone can have a bad day at the office, but this disappointing performance at Christie’s followed an old masters sale in July that took in 19 million against a low estimate of 31.5 million.
Negative emotions such as worrying, stress, depression and anger visit type D personalities more often. A small event that is usually overlooked by others can bother a type D a lot and even ruin his mood.

Russian Federation Oct 27, 2018 07:10

Spielman was sifting through dirt at the Emek Tzurim national park on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem when she noticed the small rectangular object.
Right now, she's focusing on her modeling career, but also hopes to branch out into acting.
Pan Jiancheng, deputy head of the bureau's China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center, said the increasing proportion of research and development expenditure to GDP indicates that the driving force of economic growth is transforming to innovation-focus from the traditional factors - exports and investment.

Russian Federation Oct 25, 2018 22:20

We will make solid efforts to pursue the Belt and Road Initiative.

Russian Federation Oct 25, 2018 17:22

China's booming cyberstar economy has gone through three stages -- the first based on text, then text and images, and now video thanks to the availability of broadband networks.
Traditionally Chinese universities scored less well in international ranking tables compared to US and European incumbents in levels of teaching and research.
n. 压力,压强,压迫

China Oct 25, 2018 12:12

paid me,very nice

Hong Kong Oct 25, 2018 08:13


Russian Federation Oct 24, 2018 15:53

Yes — by an eyelash. Democrats will need to win an additional 24 seats, meaning they will have to hold on to all 12 Democratic districts that Mr Trump won last year and pick up the 23 Republican districts that voted for Hillary Clinton, plus one or two more for good measure. The math is not on the Democrats’ side, but history is. The president’s party almost always loses some House seats in the midterms, and sometimes loses big, especially when the president has an approval rating below 50 per cent. See Barack Obama in 2010.
“With the vast number of cutting-edge, eco-friendly faux furs available on the market today, I'm sure you'll agree that there's no longer any excuse for killing animals for their fur.”

Russian Federation Oct 23, 2018 16:58

Fuel for this latest burst of Tesla mania came from none other than Chairman and CEO Elon Musk in comments he made during an analyst call on July 31. The big news wasn’t that Tesla reported higher production for the second quarter and beat earnings estimates again.

Russian Federation Oct 23, 2018 14:49

IT/communications/electronics/Internet offer new graduates the highest pay at 4,867 yuan a month on average, but that's down 826 yuan from last year's level. Finance and transport/logistics/warehousing come second, offering average monthly salaries of 4,692 and 4,457 yuan respectively.
This is not to take anything away from Tesla, which has demonstrated that it can create and manufacture a complex and sophisticated product with demonstrated customer appeal. But its own internal forecasts, as well as the swelling of its share price, are based on the expectation that the future will unspool in an orderly fashion identical to the recent past. That’s a dangerous assumption to make – for several reasons:
‘Faultless performance, you are stunning and you could win this competition,’ Amanda said.
I am here to speak for the countless animals dying across this planet because they have nowhere left to go. We cannot afford to be not heard. 我为这个行星上无数正在垂死的动物而演讲,因为它们几乎已经无处容身了。
But it's the best pay on offer for a major world leader.
Logan's claws are slow on the draw and his self-healing powers are on the fritz, but he's committed to caring for his mentor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart, so good you want to applaud). It's not easy watching Professor X suffer seizures that rattle his telepathic brain. Make no mistake, Logan earns its tears. If Jackman and Stewart are serious about this being their mutual X-Men swan song, they could not have crafted a more heartfelt valedictory.

Russian Federation Oct 22, 2018 10:06

With the Russian rouble depreciating against other major currencies, there has been an increase in visitors to this country in recent years.

Russian Federation Oct 22, 2018 09:24

Despite the promise of downloadable courses, teaching for officially recognised qualifications continues to be a classroom-based activity undertaken in the real world. Start-ups have taken the attitude that if they cannot beat the universities and colleges at their own game with new methods of delivery, they should join them in partnerships. As a result, they have been busy getting examining boards to endorse their online courses so that they can count towards a bachelor’s or master’s qualification.

Russian Federation Oct 21, 2018 05:38

The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better.
The drama got 7.2 points on Douban, receiving criticism for having too much romance and too few of Zhou's struggles.
节目25 歌曲《风吹麦浪》,李健 孙俪
Overseas tourists continued to shun Beijing through 2013.
We will improve the property rights protection system.

Russian Federation Oct 19, 2018 10:28

You think you're so smooth – the James Bond of covert job searching. Where he used wrist-mounted dart guns and camera-implanted rings, you have deceptive "dentist appointments" and a conveniently angled computer monitor to conceal secret résumé tweaking. Unfortunately, while you smugly sip a shaken martini – uh, iced coffee – you may not realize that your cover was blown. Your boss is onto you, and it's no wonder。
Hugo Boss, Chevrolet and Kleenex dropped off the list, the report said.
Paul George, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Gordon Hayward Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Paul Millsap, J.J. Redick, Eric Bledsoe, Dwight Howard ... the list goes on and on of players who switched uniforms since last year.
n. 检查,视察
A tender love story between a teenager and an academic, set in Italy.

Russian Federation Oct 18, 2018 10:05

“Domestic demand expanded at a sluggish pace while new export order growth eased to a five-month low ... We continue to expect further monetary and fiscal easing measures to offset downside risks to growth.”
Writing for a Variety Special: Patton Oswalt, “Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping”
Peace and love for you at New Year from all your students.

China Oct 18, 2018 09:14

got paid,thank admin!

China Oct 17, 2018 08:01

But I know your generation, unlike any other generation in the past, is most eager to look at life differently. So as you leave school, I offer you a list of some obvious-yet-vastly-ignored truths that may help you look at life a little differently than just a series of paychecks:

Russian Federation Oct 16, 2018 10:19

时间:2010-06-03 编辑:francie
Shanghai, by comparison, trades on 12.6 times earnings. This reflects a wide (37 per cent) spread between the Shanghai’s A shares and the H-share equivalents. Before the ups and downs of 2015 it was more usually below 20 per cent, hinting at significant upside to the H-share index. True, it does not represent the best of China’s “new economy”, being heavily skewed towards banks in particular. Growth forecasts are moribund. Yet with expectations already so dire, it is hard to see how they can worsen. Even property — beset with overcapacity — has been pulling out of its slump.
Attractions: Europe’s underrated gem.
Honda hopes NSX will burnish its reputational halo for technical expertise. The automaker also wants NSX to help boost Acura’s brand image as a maker of premium cars and trucks. Last year, Honda’s U.S. sales rose 1% against a market that increased by 5.9% – resulting a loss of market share, most importantly, lost ground against its two main rivals, Toyota and Nissan.

Ukraine Oct 15, 2018 17:37

China is the most striking wild card that will drive agricultural markets, said Stefan Vogel, head of agri commodity markets at Rabobank,
In 2008, China's government added an entry to the list of conditions classified as mental illnesses: "Internet addiction." According to numerous reports in state-run media, China's young people were spending too much time in Internet cafes, ignoring family or work to play online games into the wee hours, sometimes neglecting to eat, drink, or sleep, and endangering their own health.
The fall in demand for industrial bulk commodities was particularly pronounced. Huge oversupply in China’s real estate and manufacturing sectors has damped investment in new capacity in recent months, denting demand for all kinds of raw materials.
Finding Dory releases on June 17, 2016.
4. Cook

Russian Federation Oct 15, 2018 07:23

19. 前进直至消失。昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Trantino)用70毫米胶片拍摄了新片《八恶人》(The Hateful Eight),这部影片将在将近100家影院上映,它们和全国大多数影院一样,通常使用数码放映。不管你对塔伦蒂诺有何看法,你都应该去影院看《八恶人》,这样你就可以自己看看,这个行业被迫转向数码,对电影究竟产生了多大的影响。
The Gwen Stefani campaign ran on several apps, including Tango, the Silicon Valley-based messaging app. Tango earns money on ads within a user’s inbox, but it has adopted Swyft’s platform because the ads are in line with the way people already use Tango, says Richard Rabbat, vice president of Advertising and Platform at Tango. A year ago, Tango decided not to sell stickers, because asking users for money creates too much friction, he says. “Putting a payment gate in the way of communication is not the right experience we want to give to our users,” Rabbat says. Ergo, ad campaigns from Swyft.
5. 对自己的职业直觉缺乏信心

Japan Oct 10, 2018 02:23

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China Oct 06, 2018 11:21

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China Oct 06, 2018 11:01

The winter holiday season will help thin the herd, but the true litmus test will be when a company can introduce a wearable that passes the “turnaround test,” Gilbert says—when a person walks a few steps from their front door and decides to turn around to retrieve a forgotten wearable device like they would a forgotten wallet, keys, or phone.

Korea, Republic of Oct 06, 2018 10:41

The tightening drove some enterprises seek other financing options such as bonds or listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).

Taiwan, Republic of China Oct 06, 2018 03:18

Roles With Bite

United Kingdom Oct 04, 2018 09:26


China Oct 04, 2018 08:17

Teach First在2002年创立之初的目标是鼓励更多的毕业生尝试教学。由于担心该国最优秀的人才都被吸引至伦敦金融城、会计和法律行业,它希望为公立学校培养一些人才,以解决教育不平等问题。
Simply put, bladeless fans are fans without blades. They work by sucking in air at their base and then blowing them out through several holes in their ring. The fan is reported to have been invented by James Dyson, who calls it the "Air Multiplier." Just like the flying jetpack, it earned a spot in Time's list of notable inventions of 2009. And just like the jetpack, it was not the first of its kind. The first bladeless fan was actually patented in 1981 by a Japanese company called Tokyo Shiba Electric. Although Tokyo Shiba's bladeless fan was never manufactured, James Dyson's initial design of a bladeless fan design looked so similar to that of Tokyo Shiba Electric that the patent office refused to grant him a patent. The patent granted to Tokyo Shiba had already expired, but the patent office still required something substantially different before it could grant a new patent to James Dyson. Dyson's patent manager, Gill Smith, did not deny the similarities between both bladeless fans but said the difference between them was the "technology."

Japan Oct 04, 2018 08:17

Admittedly, choosing the most clichéd gender colors can seem a bit simplistic, but Pantone has a broad constituency to manage; this is not about the cutting edge, but the big middle.
The three-day China Development Forum 2016 kicked off in Beijing.

China Oct 04, 2018 06:42

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