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Excel MIRR Function

Excel MIRR function

Switzerland, Sweden and the UK again occupied the top three slots in the ranking. Fifteen of the top 25 economies in the GII come from Europe.

Calculate modified internal rate of return
Return value 
Calculated return as percentage
=MIRR (values, finance_rate, reinvest_rate)
  • values - Array or reference to cells that contain cash flows.
  • finance_rate - Required rate of return (discount rate) as percentage.
  • reinvest_rate - Interest rate received on cash flows reinvested as percentage.
Usage notes 

New investment in Europe was up 28 per cent on the $18bn registered in 2014, a smaller increase than 2014’s doubling of the 2013 figure. Investment in the US was up 17 per cent compared on 2014’s level of $12.8bn.
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Overall more than 5.8 million enhancements were performed in Asia during 2010, while just over 4.5 million procedures were carried out in the US the Economist revealed.

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Although the average punctuality rate of the surveyed airports rose 7% year-on-year to 70.4% in 2016, the average delay time was 33 minutes.


  • The values array must contain at least one positive value and one negative value.
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