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How To Make An American Quilt

"How to Make an American Quilt" begins with the words, "For as long as I can remember . . ." These words, which open a good many nostalgic memoirs, invariably mean that things have gone on in the same way for years and years, but that now everything is about to change. The narrator is Finn (Winona Ryder), a Berkeley student who has returned to her family's roots to spend a last summer before the watershed of her marriage.

Finn's grandmother (Ellen Burstyn) and her great aunt (Anne Bancroft) live in a big old house in a sylvan California landscape, just down the road, I imagine, from the folks in "Moonlight and Valentino," which was last week's film about female bonding. For as long as Finn can remember, the two women and their friends have gathered for quilting bees, during which they sew into their quilts their hopes and memories. They're really going to need their thimbles this summer as they sew Finn's wedding quilt.

Finn is engaged to Sam (Dermot Mulroney), whose importance to the plot can be guessed by the fact that he is not included among the nine names in the principal credits. Finn isn't sure how she feels about marriage and a lifelong commitment, and that's why she wants to spend three months out of his sight, with the older women of her family and their friends.

During the course of the summer Sam will turn up, briefly, and there will also be visits from Finn's mother (Kate Capshaw) and all of the neighboring quilters, played by Maya Angelou, Kate Nelligan, Jean Simmons, Lois Smith and Alfre Woodard. It is Angelou, as Anna, who sets the master plan for each quilt, and keeps the others in line ("Anna used to work for my grandmother, but now it seems that they all work for her").

第二步 重复标志性动作
The questions New Yorkers ask the column are dictated not only by their individual circumstances but also by the larger issues of the day, like rising housing costs, gentrification and shoddy construction. In the end, 2014 was a year of things going up — home prices, rents and, above all, buildings, with 16,700 units approved for construction through October, according to the Real Estate Board of New York.

10. A bad marriage can lead to an early death
4. Will China's one-child policy change in 2010?
Fewer women than men have worked abroad for at least six months (42 per cent and 52 per cent respectively) but they share exactly the same motivations — to develop management skills, build their network and increase their earnings.

Lawyers are inherently cautious but most have realised that technology is crucial to crunching through the vast amount of information they handle. Without it, certain document heavy processes, such as disclosure and compliance, would be nearly impossible.
3. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之声学奖

These molds turn regular fruits into fun shapes.
当然,这得取决于苹果是否能设法用更便宜的零部件、更慢的处理器、分辨率更低的屏幕、以及也许是塑料机身来造出一部330美元的iPhone。而用蒂姆?库克上周在高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)一次会议上的话说,它决不能是个“低劣产品”。
n. 日历,月历,日程表
When you post your résumé to a job board, such as Monster or Indeed, there's a chance your current employer could see it. In fact, Foss says many HR staffers and managers regularly search for their company names within job board submissions specifically to see if their employees are looking for jobs。

这两部纪录片都使用标准工具——资料影像、人物采访,悉心选择的音乐资料——在目前的紧张局势中书写历史。在“黑人的命也是命”(Black Lives Matter)的时代,关于黑豹党和爵士歌手兼行动分子妮娜·西蒙妮的影片确实意义重大。尼尔逊和贾巴斯精彩地讲述了他们的故事。
节目16 武术《少年中国》,赵文卓 范龙飞 侯英岗
Now Chinese investment in western economies is back on track to break a further record this year: during the first six weeks this year Chinese groups have announced $70bn in potential deals, although the number is highly provisional and not all such acquisitions will be completed.


adj. 受影响的,受感动的,受疾病侵袭的 adj. 做
By 2020, annual box office sales are expected to reach 100 billion yuan, according to industry estimates.
n. 运输,运输系统,运输工具
The base hopes to keep up public awareness of pandas and the necessity of conservation of their natural habitats while Increasing the wild population by reintroducing individuals into areas in China where populations have declined.
'That's something that would be challenged, I think, in the 21st century.

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China does not want to see a trade war between the US and China. That would not make our trade fairer and cause loss for the both sides.

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How To Make An American Quilt (1995)

Rated PG-13 For A Scene Of Drug Use, Some Sensuality and Nudity

109 minutes


Winona Ryder as Finn

Ellen Burstyn as Hy

Anne Bancroft as Glady Joe

Maya Angelou as Anna

Alfre Woodard as Marianna

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