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Operating Lease

An agreement to use and operate an asset without ownership

What is an Operating Lease?

An operating lease is an agreement to use and operate an asset without ownership. Common assets that are leased include real estate, automobiles, aircraft, or heavy equipment. By renting and not owning, operating leases enable companies to keep from recording an asset on their balance sheets by treating them as operating expenses.


Operating Lease Sign


Operating Lease vs. Capital Lease

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For a lease to qualify as a capital lease, it must meet any of the following criteria as outlined by GAAP:

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Additionally, under IFRS, there are a few more criteria that a lease can meet to qualify as a capital lease:

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Under a capital lease, the lessee is considered an owner and can claim depreciation and interest expense for tax purposes. The leased asset and lease payments are shown on the balance sheet.


Capitalizing an Operating Lease

If a lease does not meet any of the above criteria, it is considered an operating lease. Assets acquired under operating leases do not need to be reported on the balance sheet. Likewise, operating leases do not need to be reported as a liability on the balance sheet, as they are not treated as debt. The firm does not record any depreciation for assets acquired under operating leases.

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This will have an effect on operating income, which will always increase when these expenses are recategorized. However, it will not have any net effect on net income, as the change in numbers will balance out.

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#1: The Full Adjustment Method

Step 1: Collect input data


Cost of debt can be found using the firm’s bond rating. If there is no existing bond rating, a “synthetic” bond rating can be calculated using the firm’s interest coverage ratio. Using the interest coverage ratio, compare it to this table created by New York University, Stern Business School professor Aswath Damodaran.

The remaining input data can be found in the company’s financial statements or the notes to the financial statements.


Operating Lease - Full Adjustment Method Step 1


Step 2: Calculate the Present Value of Operating Lease Commitments

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To do this, you must find the debt value of the operating leases. Find the present value of future operating lease expenses by discounting each year’s expense by the cost of debt. The annuity method can be used if lease expenses are provided and remain constant over a timeframe of multiple years (e.g. years 6-10).


Operating Lease - Full Adjustment Method Step 2


Step 3: Calculate Depreciation Expenses, Imputed Interest, and Adjusted Interest Expenses

We need to calculate depreciation and adjust interest expenses. To calculate depreciation, we use the debt value of leases and employ the 河北各市均启动数字城市基础建设工作.

To adjust interest expenses, we begin with a simplifying assumption: operating lease expense is equal to the sum of imputed interest expense and depreciation. With this assumption, we can use our newly calculated depreciation value to find imputed interest expense on an operating lease. Take the difference between the current year operating lease expense and our calculated depreciation value to find the imputed interest on the lease.

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Operating Lease - Full Adjustment Method Step 3


Step 4: Adjust Financials

First, we need to adjust operating income. Begin with the reported operating income (EBIT). Then, add the current year’s operating lease expense and subtract the depreciation on the leased asset to arrive at adjusted operating income.


Operating Lease - Full Adjustment Method Step 4 - Operating Income


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Operating Lease - Full Adjustment Method Step 4 - Net Income


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Operating Lease - Full Adjustment Method Step 4 - Debt


#2: The Approximation Method

Step 1: Collect input data



Step 2: Calculate the Present Value of Operating Lease Commitments

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Step 3: Calculate Imputed Interest, Adjusted Interest Expenses, and Depreciation Expenses

Unlike the full adjustment method, the approximation method begins with calculating imputed interest. This is simpler because there is no need to worry about depreciation methods and guidelines. To calculate the imputed interest on the operating lease, multiply the debt value of the lease by the cost of debt.


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Operating Lease - Approximation Method Step 3


Step 4: Adjust Financials

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Operating Lease - Approximation Method Step 4 - Operating Income


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Operating Lease - Approximation Method Step 4 - Net Income


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Operating Lease - Approximation Method Step 4 - Debt


Impact on Valuation

There are two effects on 家居市场逢淡季 商家联盟求突破 when we treat operating lease expenses as financing expenses by capitalizing them:

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  2. FCFF will decrease if the present value of leases increases (and vice versa) due to the net change in capital expenditures. This occurs because we must treat operating leases like capital expenditures if capitalize them.

Furthermore, the 社科院:未来20年中国住房需求剧烈变动 will decrease as the debt ratio increases, which has a positive impact on the value of the firm. It is important to note that the increase in firm value derives solely from the value of debt, and not the value of equity. If the debt ratio stays stable, and the leases are fairly valued, treating operating leases as debt should have a neutral effect on the value of equity.


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