Still available: American Kitchen brand faucet for Raymond Loewy sink

1946 American brand kitchen
1946 American brand kitchen — designed by famed Raymond Loewy designers

Can you believe it? You can still get the exact faucet required for a vintage American-Brand kitchen drainboard sink at at Locke Plumbing. Locke Plumbing also sells various parts separately.

raymond loewy American Kitchens sink faucet from Locke PlumbingThe owners tell me they still sell quite a few of them, including to lots of folks in Europe.  I was told it does not fit other sinks, but I am not an expert. 

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  1. Sherry Kern says:

    HI, I have an 1946 American Standard faucet, as seen above. I have one issue with it. We found a site that sold replacements, and my husband installed it, but we can’t seem to keep the head from sliding out. If we move it back and forth too many times it works its way out, and leaks and sometimes comes completely off. I know it has a washer on it, but don’t know if there is suppose to have something else attached, and how to get to it under the sink. Thanks

  2. pam kueber says:

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  3. Dee Clemence says:

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    Thank you in Advance

  4. Lanie Goforth says:

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  5. Lyndasewsalot says:

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  6. Kelly Willett says:

    I have a faucet like the one above. It always leaks. We need to replace the washers on the handles often. Is there a way to prevent the leaking? Also we are out of washer replacements, Do you know what size the washers are or where is the best place to buy replacements?
    I love the sink, but I am not a fan of the faucet because of the leaking. Is there a better replacement?
    Thank you for the help!

  7. pam kueber says:

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