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A History of the Filipino Revolt (from the Tagalog perspective)

Tom Matic IV

Tom Matic IV
This is a not-so-brief history of what is known in Spain as the Filipino Revolt and in the Philippines as the 1896 Revolution. I have endeavored to summarize as much of the information as I can without sacrificing the breadth of the conflict. Much gratitude to the creators of this site for allowing me to share a brief, heroic, tragic narrative of our shared history with the hope that better appreciation and understanding can be shared between our two nations and peoples. My fervent hope is that I have honored those who lived and died in this tumultuous past.
The Philippines was a colony of the Spanish Empire for more than 300 years. Spain gave the natives – a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and small indigenous tribes – a colonial government to rule by the sword and what was essentially a state religion, Spanish Catholicism, which ruled by the cross. The earliest conquistadores, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo, carved out an island empire for Spain that subsequent warrior-administrators would expand and build upon. While the earliest landfall had been in the central island of Cebu, which Magellan had reached before his fatal encounter with the chieftain of Mactan, Legaspi chose the burgeoning native citadel of Maynila (supposedly named after the blossoming Nila – flowering mangrove – plants at the mouth of the great river Pasig) as the seat of Spanish power in the islands. Driving out the native chieftain Suleyman with the aid of native auxilliaries, Legaspi began to remake the Islamic Malay kingdoms into a Spanish Catholic colony. Meanwhile, Sulayman’s valiant attempt at reconquest ended in the marshes of nearby Bangkusay Channel.

Last month scientists at Illinois University made a breakthrough that could herald a second green revolution for world agriculture – they improved the efficiency of photosynthesis, the process by which plants turn sunlight into the biomass that is the source of all our food.
单词recommend 联想记忆:
What’s in a shade? If you are Pantone, the “color authority” and the dominant color trend forecaster, and you get to choose a “color of the year” every year, potentially a lot. It could include determining fashion’s direction (these are the hues that inform the fabrics that get bought by designers that get made into your clothes), influencing interiors, and even affecting how food appears. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so much political and philosophical import attached to a color decision as I have for the 2016 “Color of the Year.”
The list features several ineffective passwords that have, for some reason, long maintained their hold among internet users.
"We felt very helpless that people thought that the fog and haze were caused by poor-quality oil produced by us." FU CHENGYU, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Sinopec
Enthusiastic supporters of the idea of a “universal basic income” for all citizens, meanwhile, will look to Finland where a trial is now well under way. In France, Emmanuel Macron will try to tread a delicate line in 2018 as he reforms the labour market, hoping to inject flexibility without increasing insecurity or incensing the unions.
For parents, it is always a struggle to carry their children all day long, especially when they’re getting bigger and heavier.
Eleven James:
Chinese cellphone maker giant Huawei expects its smartphone shipments to grow 29 percent year-on-year to reach 139 million in 2016, compared with an estimated global average shipment growth of 0.6 percent.
Financial advisors and asset allocators who had been hoping to see some benefit this year from tactical strategies were also not spared the punishment of a capricious market. Of the top three tactical strategies in the country (Mainstay Marketfield, Good Harbor U.S. Tactical Core, F-Squared Premium AlphaSector Index), two had nearly imploded with double-digit losses while the third found itself under SEC investigation for misleading the public about its historical returns. The other giant tactical manager, Schwab’s $9 billion Windhaven Diversified Growth product, looks to end 2014 with a return close to zero. So much for tactics.

The issues addressed in friends — relationships, careers, and friendship — continue to be relevant to today’s youth.
Eleven James:
“If we can identify someone who buys in both places, there is huge value there. You know who they are, what they bought, what they spent,” Harper added. “You can give them a more personalized experience.”
Common industries for college startups include catering, agriculture, IT, transportation, education and culture. 13.8% of the entrepreneurs were interested in hospitality and catering, while 13.7% chose agriculture, the report said.
One highlight of last year's box office was seven high-quality domestic films listed on the top 10 earners, including 'Monster Hunt', a live-action hybrid, and 'Monkey King: Hero is Back', a 3D animation based on the classic ancient story.
In the MBA ranking, LBS, Insead and Spain’s IE Business School are bunched together with only a few dollars between them. Insead has the top salary at $155,015.
v. 操作,运转,经营,动手术
In early November the government further tightened controls over outbound investment by requiring regulatory approval for some foreign acquisitions conducted through an offshore entity.
Wealthy Chinese are showing growing interest in islands in recent years.

City of Manila, oil painting of the inside of a chest, circa 1640-1650, Museo de Arte José Luis Bello, Puebla, México.
City of Manila, oil painting of the inside of a chest, circa 1640-1650, Museo de Arte José Luis Bello, Puebla, México.
In 1762, the British launched a massive invasion of Luzon, landing just south of the walled city and capturing several solid stone churches and taking the city under siege. Archbishop Rojo exhorted the people to resist with passionate religious fervor but soon discovered that religious fervor was no substitute for disciplined troops under decisive leadership. The most determined resistance was from Pampanga natives under a leader called Manalastas who assaulted the British siege lines with little more than machetes, bamboo spears and bows-and-arrows, and were paid rough tribute by the British general who praised their courage and described them as having “died like beasts, gnawing the bayonets”. The British stormed Manila and sacked it but were unable to expand their territory thanks to Spanish officers like Don Simon de Anda, the junior oidor of the Spanish colonial government, the Real Audiencia, who became the de facto leader of the Spanish colonial government following Archbishop Rojo’s surrender and capture, and loyal natives that contested every foot of ground taken by the British. In the end, the British abandoned their claims to the archipelago in 1763. Anda became the next governor general.

他还表示“包括现代汽车(Hyundai Motor)和爱茉莉太平洋(AmorePacific)在内,几乎每家韩国大企业都严重依赖对华销售。”
The incomes of graduates from universities listed in China's 211, or 985 key university national projects are far ahead of those from ordinary universities, the survey found.
1. Battle of the Sexes
The average pay for executives in educational companies was the lowest, just over 2.8 million yuan and about one tenth that of their counterparts in the financial sector.
Ahead of the release, economists at ANZ said they expected inflation to pick up in January owing to rising food prices, and the low commodity prices would weigh on the CPI.
Despite the huge production, the focus was on the 40 gorgeous models who walked the runway.
5. 地缘政治事件。不久之前,石油供应稍有差池,油价就会飙升。比如说2014年初,利比亚内乱造成该国石油出口中断,油价应声上涨。在伊拉克, 极端组织ISIS领了部分地区,石油供应中断的顾虑也造成油价急剧攀升。然而,自此之后,地缘政治事件对油价的影响大为减弱。2014年最后几周,利比亚再现战事。但市场仅在油价短暂上扬后便把这一问题抛诸脑后。不过,历史一再证明,地缘政治危机是对油价影响最大的短期因素之一。(财富中文网)
贾斯汀比伯名列第五,因他为慈善组织Pencils of Promise和Believe Charity Drive做的贡献。
Though bionic legs are of course a huge boon to amputees, they lack actual nerve connections with the body. As a result, walking on them is cumbersome and tiring. But last year, Seattle resident Zac Vawter was outfitted with the world's first thought-controlled leg, a bionic limb that takes signals directly from his mind.
9) Well Done: It’s a cliché, no doubt. Sometimes, it isn’t enough just to say thanks. People want to know what they did was great and why. They pour so much sweat and soul into their projects.They need to know their work was special and had meaning to someone.
Citing recent figures from the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Policy Analysis, that show global trade in seasonally-adjusted volume terms fell 1.1 per cent between September and October, Mr Leering suggests last year will prove to be the worst year for world trade since 2009.
《少年收容所》(Short Term 12)是独立制片的小型影片之一,然而却会大大地影响观众。这部低成本电影片长仅96分钟,背景是一个针对问题青少年的收容设施。然而德斯汀?克里顿(Destin Cretton)的导演和布里?拉尔森(Brie Larson)的表演让这部电影跻身年度最佳影片之列。拉尔森几乎可以肯定无缘奥斯卡奖(今年的竞争异常激烈),但她对所扮演的女主角格蕾丝(Grace)的刻画极具水准,格蕾丝是一名20多岁的年轻保育员,她自己的生活远非平静无波。

This is the moment hundreds of lovestruck Irish football fans gathered around a blonde French girl and serenaded her - and one admirer even stole a kiss from the woman at the end.
Ninety percent of the students believe their universities' guidance on entrepreneurship would help their future businesses. In addition, they professed appreciation for policies intended to encourage entrepreneurship.
? President Obama declared a "major disaster" in New York and New Jersey. Flooding devastated the coast and more than 2.3 million lost power. The National Guard rescued hundreds from flooding in New Jersey. The governor, Chris Christie, a Republican, said the damage was "unthinkable". He praised the "outstanding" co-operation he had received from Obama.
Google has now said it won't make him pay the fee.

As indicated above, the Spanish colonial government was only truly able to control and subjugate the natives thanks to the loyal support of the natives themselves (this was, by the way, the case for just about every colonial empire from the massive British Empire to the comparatively small German overseas empire). Spanish-led native troops were the backbone of the insular defense forces against foreign invaders, native insurrection and the ever present threat of Moro incursions.

The 前7月广东楼市销量低位浮动 售面积减少新开工面积增加 were known as Regimentos Fijos or “Fixed Regiments” as they were regiments for use only in the Philippine colonies as well as the Carolinas. They were also called “Indigenas” and continued the numbering of regiments in Cuba which ended in the 67th. The 68th through 74th Regiments of Infantry as well as three tercios of paramilitary Guardia Civil (20th through 22nd) were the main garrison of the islands. While conscripted and prone to desertion, most were generally loyal even when the Rebellion broke out.

Native Regiments were:
68th (Legaspi) Infantry Regiment
– named after the conquistador who claimed the Philippines for Spain,
Don Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. Headquartered in Jolo but serving in the field
in Luzon and Mindanao with detachments in the Carolinas and Paragua Islands.
69th (Iberia) Infantry Regiment
– named after the Iberian homeland. Headquartered in Zamboanga and serving in Luzon.
70th (Magallanes) Infantry Regiment
– perhaps the most infamous native regiment it is remembered to this day as the unit
which provided the firing squad that executed Dr.Jose Rizal. Named after the
Spanish explorer that discovered the Philippines, Ferdinand de Magallanes.
The regiment was part of the capital’s permanent garrison and served mostly in Luzon.
71st (Mindanao) Infantry Regiment
– named after the large – and conflict-ridden – island of Mindanao. Headquartered at
Iligan, serving in the field in Luzon and Mindanao.
72nd (Visayas) Infantry Regiment
– named after the group of islands occupying the central Philippines known collectively
as the Visayas. Headquartered at Manila and serving in Mindanao.
73rd (Jolo) Infantry Regiment
– named after the largely Muslim southern islands, south of the larger island of
Mindanao, whose neutralization was considered a major Spanish victory.
Headquartered in Manila and serving in Luzon and Mindanao. This regiment
particularly distinguished itself during the quelling of the Manila uprising
in August 1896.
74th (Manila) Infantry Regiment
– named after the capital city, the “Faithful and Ever-Loyal City”. Headquartered in
Manila and serving in Luzon and Mindanao.

Spanish troops at Silang, Cavite province.
Spanish troops at Silang, Cavite province.
Spanish soldiers at Manila.
Spanish soldiers at Manila.
While the native infantry did most of the hard fighting in Mindanao and during the Tagalog Revolt, it was the three tercios of the paramilitary police force, the Guardia Civil, which gained legendary infamy thanks to their role as the ‘muscle’ or ‘enforcers’ of the local government officials and the friars but particularly because of their portrayal in this role in popular Revolutionary literature, Rizal’s Noli Mi Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

Elsewhere, Australia recently introduced reforms that have increased transparency around fund pricing, which has driven rapid growth in ETFs.
The survey is based on costs of over 160 items ranging from food and clothing, to domestic help, transport and utilities.

Two Chinese universities have been placed in the top 20 of this year's Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, according to data released last Thursday.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service gets an honorable mention on our list of James Bond Theme songs.

Length of program: 22 months

The continuing conflict in Spain between Liberal and Conservation as well as the opening of the Suez Canal meant new ideas were spreading to the Philippines like never before. A conflict between local ‘secular’ priests (those not belonging to any religious order) and those arrived from Spain which were part of an order coincided with a mutiny over pay at the Spanish arsenal of Cavite in 1872. The resulting “Cavite Mutiny” was quickly put down and the blame and responsibility shifted to three particularly outspoken and ‘troublesome priests’ – Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamora. The three were made out to be the ringleaders of the mutiny and executed by garrotte. GOM-BUR-ZA as they became known inspired widespread indignation among the natives, particularly the native educated elite or ‘ilustrado’ class which launched the Propaganda Movement spearheaded by the polymath Doctor Jose Rizal and the publisher-propagandist Marcelo H. Del Pilar. M.H. del Pilar published the broadsheet La Solidaridad which spoke against Spanish colonial abuses and Rizal wrote and published two extremely incendiary novels which even today shape the Filipino consciousness – Noli Mi Tangere (Touch me Not, taken from the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane between Christ and Mary Magdalene), and El Filibusterismo (the Filibuster/Piratical Adventurer/ or its English title “the reign of greed”).

Things came to a head when a newly returned Rizal formed a gentleman’s social organization La Liga Filipina which counted among its membership a young zealous clerk who worked for a European firm and had a passion for learning and organizing, Andres Bonifacio. The Spanish almost immediately arrested Rizal and exiled him to Dapitan in the southern island of Mindanao. Bonifacio then rallied many of the La Liga Filipina members along with family and friends and with them formed The Highest, Most Honorable Society of the Children/Sons of the Nation (Kataastaasan, Kagalang-galangan, Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan). Adopting a semi-Masonic organization complete with triangular recruiting, code words, colored hoods and a ‘blood compact’ final initiation ritual (where you signed your membership papers with your own blood drawn from your arm), these young disaffected natives were soon spreading the gospel of nationalism across the main northern island of Luzon and into the central islands of the Visayas.

Katipunan affiliation ritual, signed with blood.
Katipunan affiliation ritual, signed with blood.
The Katipunan grew exponentially under Bonifacio but was unable to secure adequate modern firearms – in fact they had few guns at all! An early disagreement between Bonifacio and the recently recruited chief of the Magdalo Council from Cavite, a young farmer and scion of a well-to-do rural family named Emilio Aguinaldo, over the lack of weapons led Bonifacio to send emissaries to Rizal in Dapitan to ask the latter’s blessing, only to have their request rejected by Rizal as well. Rizal believed that the Filipinos were unready for self government and that they, in any case, did not have sufficient weapons and ammunition. Angry, Bonifacio was determined that they would rise up soon. But before he could set the date, the Katipunan was discovered by the Spaniards who began sending the paramilitary Guardia Civil to arrest people and throw them into jail at the start of August 1896.

10. How to find IP address
The system sold around 1.1 million tickets during the 2012 Spring Festival travel rush. Last year it sold 11 million over the same period.
My arms are wide open for you this New Year.我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。
China's Internet celebrities are estimated to create a whopping 58 billion market in 2016, far surpassing the 44 billion yuan in box office sales generated last year, according to an industry report.
Eleven James:


After several initial skirmishes, Bonifacio launched an ambitious – and sadly over-complicated – plan to take Manila. Several columns of Katipuneros would converge on Manila after accomplishing their initial tasks of cutting the electric power to Manila which would signal other rebel forces from the province immediately south, Cavite, as well as mutinous soldiers within the walled city itself, while the other column took the military stores from the Spanish ammunition depot (Polvorin) at San Juan del Monte. Most of the Katipuneros of Bonifacio’s command were armed with bolos (machetes) and bamboo spears with pistols and a rag-tag number of firearms among them. There is evidence that they were dressed in red pants and carrying bolos to disguise themselves as devotees of a particular saint whose feast day was celebrated at that time.

Do your customers trust you? Do they know what you do with their data and are they happy with it? This will be a major issue not just for the N.S.A., Microsoft and Google. Nor will Google Glass be the only product to provoke debate. Trust reduces the cost of doing business and those who don't build relationships of trust with their partners, suppliers and customers will feel the pinch.
5. 《卡罗尔》,导演:托德·海因斯。
单词receptive 联想记忆:
银行根本无力赶上这样的薪酬水平。例如,受交易结构性变化和旨在约束冒险行为的新规打击,自2009年以来高盛(Goldman Sachs)的净收入减少了约三分之一。该行试图让薪酬比保持稳定,这意味着发放给典型员工的总薪酬减少。
“An employee stormed out in the middle of a meeting, without explanation.”
About 200 million migrants, half of whom are women, sent $445 billion to their families in Asia, Latin America and Africa in 2016, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) said last Wednesday.
这是伦敦商学院(London Business School)和哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)合办的EMBA-Global项目首次跌出前5名。
A $20 billion number would make any investor salivate, but when divided between buybacks and dividends, it's pocket change compared to the share repurchase announcements other companies have made in 2014.
金球奖的独特之处在于其同时设置电影和电视奖项。而当地时间周日的这场典礼更是前所未有地模糊了二者的界限,大大褒奖了电视领域这一年来的出众表现。现已剧终的热门电视剧集《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)今年首次拿下金球奖,赢得了当晚最热烈的欢呼声。该片荣获剧情类最佳系列剧集奖,片中演员布赖恩?克兰斯顿(Bryan Cranston)荣获剧情类系列剧最佳男演员。
n. 信用,荣誉,贷款,学分,赞扬,赊欠,贷方
But many foresee an economic collapse, arguing that a prolonged eurozone crisis coupled with a property bubble could render vast swaths of Chinese industry unprofitable. This would reveal hidden financial vulnerabilities and feed a downward spiral. Others believe that Beijing has ample resources to avoid a crisis, but argue that, with a growth model based on infrastructure and land sales, and with exchange and interest rates rigidly controlled, it may not have all the necessary tools at its disposal.
About 40 per cent of entrepreneurs did not seek any help when securing finance. Half of these raised equity purely from their own savings and/or family and friends compared with only 40 per cent of those who sought help from the school or alumni network.

Spanish soldiers defending a house at the outskirts of Manila.
Spanish soldiers defending a house at the outskirts of Manila.
Very shortly after the debacle at San Juan del Monte, however, the chief of the Magdalo Council, Emilio Aguinaldo overwhelmed the local garrison of Guardia Civil and armed friars in a hacienda in the town of Imus, Cavite. An expeditionary force under General Ernesto de Aguirre was sent to crush this rebellion and the young Aguinaldo hurried to meet the Spaniards near Zapote Bridge, the boundery between Cavite province and Manila province. They were ambushed by Aguirre’s troops on route and many of his men were killed. Aguinaldo was forced to hide among the bodies until the column moved on. Aguirre, instead of proceding further into Cavite, returned to Manila to secure a larger force. This allowed Aguinaldo to plan a strategy which would ensure that his poorly armed and untrained men fought a more advantageous defensive battle on ground of his own choosing.

v. 屈从,死
The remaining of the top 10 were the University of Luxembourg (second), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (fourth), University of Geneva (fifth), ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (seventh), University of St. Gallen (eighth), National University of Singapore (ninth) and Imperial College London (10th).
节目39 歌曲《冬天里的一把火》,吴克群 《梦想合唱团》宁波队
The prize sold for a winning bid of $950,000 at auction, and an additional buyer's commission brought the final sale price to $1.16 million.

Recipient: Lindsay Lohan
Scarlett Johansson of Captain America: Civil War was third at $25 million, down nearly 30 percent from 2015.
“What happens if one of these Airbnb guests starts a fire?” asked Phyllis H. Weisberg, chairwoman of the Cooperative and Condominium Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association. “Who’s paying for that?”
如果这个目标真的能够实现,届时特斯拉的规模将超过林肯(Lincoln)和保时捷(Porsche)等豪车品牌的美国分支。这两个老字号豪车品牌都有更多样化的产品阵容、长期的经销商网络、成熟的营销和广告策略。特斯拉如果真的能卖出预期的数字,那么其销量的半数将来自现有的Model S轿车,其它一半则来自明年年初才会量产的Model X七座跨界车。

As word of the victory at Imus spread like wildfire, more recruits arrived from other provinces fleeing the Juez de Cuchilo (Martial Law) imposed by the government, while others joined out of patriotic fervor including the brilliant young Engineering student, Edilberto Evangelista. Evangelista proved himself an extremely gifted fortifications engineer, building lines of trenches to protect major Cavite Katipunan strongholds.

The report shows that compared with that in 2015, the percentage of graduates to start up business are significantly decreased from 6.3% to 3.1% in 2016.
Students were then asked to move the dispenser to the teachers' office where teachers then called the police.
今年年底标普500(S&P 500)指数会在2650点上方吗?
Olive Yang
James Bond Themes 4. "Thunderball" by Tom Jones
“That’s the difference between tweeting from your couch and governing the country. If you govern the country, you have to take sensible decisions, and that isn’t sensible,” Mr Rutte replied.
? The failure of a backup generator forced the evacuation of the Langone Medical Center, part of NYU hospital. About 200 patients had to be moved. Officials are investigating why the backup power failed.
Attraction: The adventure of a lifetime
Corkin died this year but shortly after, journalist Luke Dittrich published a book claiming Corkin buried inconvenient findings, shredded files, and acted unethically in gaining HM's consent.
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源于:muscle(n 肌肉)
Most of these islands were owned by corporations planning tourism, but also by individuals who built private clubhouses to entertain friends.
Iron Man 3 is the highest-grossing movie of 2013 so far with $1.2 billion. But that’s not enough to put its star, Robert Downey Jr., on top of our list of the top-grossing actors. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson beat him this year by working more.
The 60-episode TV drama was adapted from a novel Legend of Princess Pearl published in 2007. It focuses on the protagonist Shen Zhenzhu’s romance with her husband and their efforts to protect the country.
7. Love is like two people holding two ends of a rubber band: it’s always the one who doesn’t let go who gets hurt more.
Company: Nation Waste, Inc.
While the S&P 500 is on track to conclude another stellar year of gains, those who sought to beat the index are poised to finish with a more dubious distinction. According to Lipper, 85% of all active stock mutual fund managers had been trailing their benchmarks through the end of November. In a typical year, there are nearly twice as many managers outperforming, with only around two thirds of funds struggling to catch up. Lipper says this is the worst year for active managers relative to the market in three decades.
He was responsible for monitoring how many cupcake aficionados were allowed in the store at one time. Of course Magnolia Bakery isn't exactly complaining. The store proudly displays memorabilia from the show on the walls of their many locations. Today, Magnolia Bakery is known for their banana pudding, but they will always owe their initial success to Carrie Bradshaw and a red velvet cupcake.

Tagalog insurgents. The rebel at the right is armed with a Remington and a bolo machete.
Tagalog insurgents. The rebel at the right is armed with a Remington and a bolo machete.
Sandatahan armed with a crossbow, Luzón, 1898
Sandatahan armed with a crossbow, Luzón, 1898
Polavieja also had several thousand fresh troops, mostly crack riflemen of the Cazadores, which had been sent from Spain at the outbreak of the Rebellion in August-September. By contrast, the Katipunan had never (despite claims by modern Filipino nationalists even today) been a unified government but rather a confederacy of closely allied Councils (Sanggunian) which might have respected the wishes of the Manila Katipunan under the Supremo, Bonifacio, but were not, realistically, absolutely obligated to do so. As with the Spanish Guerrillas fighting Napoleon, there was no actual ‘head’ of the Rebellion but rather many local groups that needed to be dealt with and quelled in turn. Thus as you mentioned: “In 1896, some members of the Katipunan had founded the Republic of the Kakarong located in Caracóng of Sile, in the province of Bulacán, in the island of Luzón. There they built a real fortress surrounding this settlement and protected it with nearly 6,000 men. But, on January 1st, 1897, a column of 600 Spanish soldiers assaulted and occupied the fortress, and that was the end of the short-lived republic.”

还有仅仅9所商学院参与了所有4项排名。它们的排名从第三(西班牙企业商学院)到第38位(米兰理工大学MIP管理学院(Politecnico di Milano School of Management))不等。
These collaborations signal a moment where the cradle of innovation and the arbiters of fashion are finally embracing one another, says L2 research director Colin Gilbert. Style is not the only missing piece to the wearable puzzle, but it’s something to look forward to, Gilbert says. More than half of the report’s respondents want devices that feel more like jewelry while 62 percent would like more than wrist-worn devices.
The biggest brands outperform financial markets, according to BrandZ, which says this illustrates their financial power and value to shareholders.
The second most sought-after job, according to Zhonggong, was a position offered by the regional earthquake bureau in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which had 768 applicants as of Tuesday.

v. 降低,婉谢
佳士得把汉斯·梅姆灵(Hans Memling)于15世纪创作的佛兰芒风格圣母与圣子油画从拍卖会上撤掉,以350多万英镑私下出售,所以影响了这次的拍卖总额。该拍卖行的18世纪前绘画大师作品主管亨利·佩蒂弗(Henry Pettifer)说:“拍卖市场非常挑剔。新鲜作品的数量很少。”他指的是私人极少收藏有博物馆级别的作品。
Mr Cook must balance that with the secrecy that surrounds its product development. Already, there are whispers on Apple’s campus about another secret project, on the scale of the iPhone or Watch, which is pulling in talent from across Cupertino.
200911/88512.shtml1977:“俄罗斯型流感”H1N1感染人类1977: "Russian flu" H1N1 Infects Humans
The most sought-after job as of Tuesday remained a position offered by the China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center in Beijing, which had drawn 1,430 applicants, the institute said.
D'Aloisio himself strives to maintain a bubble of normalcy. He dates the same girl he did before the whirlwind hit. And though he's stopped attending school-he's too busy to sit in class while overseeing Summly's development-he still gets his work from his teachers and meets with them regularly. He cherishes the fact that his circle of friends knows little of his life as a budding industrialist. When I met him, he was about to head to Greece for a weeklong vacation with a pack of high school pals.
单词senior 联想记忆:
6.The Stock Market Plunge
She told The Telegraph: 'I don't feel that normal any more because I get recognised, even when I'm just trying to have fun or going to get ice cream with my friends.
In the 1990s, Roth applied it to the market for allocating US student doctors to hospitals. He developed a new algorithm that was adopted by the National Resident Matching Program, which helps match resident doctors with the right hospitals.
Employment growth exceeded projections.

May the beauty and joy of New Year remain with you throughout the new year!愿新春美景与欢乐常伴随你!
联系方式:Debbie McNally, Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty, (612) 388-1790;
We will push forward with structural adjustment in agriculture.
The renewal of the 70-year term of land-use rights by urban-dwelling owners will be no problem. No application needs to be filed, there will be no preset conditions and it will not affect any deal being made over the property.
5. Will China's migrant workers get permanent urban residence in 2010?
Wang Jianlin, the entertainment mogul behind a series of high-profile acquisitions in Hollywood, and internet tycoon Jack Ma retained their spots at the top of the list, with fortunes of $32.1bn and $30.6bn respectively.
vi. 领先
The joint Sino-American programme delivered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Kellogg School of Management has returned to the top of the Financial Times ranking of the best 100 MBAs for senior executives.
With assets under management of $200bn, according to Nomura Securities, Japan’s ETF market is about $50bn larger than all other Asia-Pacific ETF markets put together. At the end of August, the market value of the BOJ’s ETF holdings was $175bn.
9. Jessica Pare
斯蒂芬?韦格斯蒂尔(Stefan Wagstyl)柏林补充报道

Polavieja opened the campaign with a massive two-pronged invasion leading an assault directly south by way of Zapote Bridge with half his force while the other half, grouped into a massive division under General Jose Lachambre, swung around the eastern flank through Laguna Province and moved against the Caviteno stronghold of Imus from the southeast. Rushing to defeat the Capitan General’s troops, Evangelista held the strategic Zapote Bridge and his troops killed one of the Spanish generals during the engagement but it was a pyrrhic victory as Evangelista himself was hit by a sniper and killed in February 1897. As both pincers closed in on the Caviteno defenders, the political arena was growing dirty with Bonifacio openly siding with the Magdiwang Council (who were his in-laws after all) and acting “like a despot” (algo despota) – there were rumors of him adopting kingly airs and seeking to establish himself as King of the Tagalogs. Both Magdiwang and Magdalo accused the other side of selling out to the Spaniards while Bonifacio’s sister was accused of being a priest’s whore and Bonifacio himself an agent provocateur of the friars.

That calm can sometimes be taken for a lack of the urgency that is vital in the fast-moving tech industry. Many were disappointed that Apple Watch was not made available to buy this year. But analysts say Apple’s approach of waiting until it has perfected a product usually leads to stronger long-term performance. Samsung, whose smartphone sales have suffered this year, is on its sixth-generation smartwatch, but has still not found a real hit.
巴黎高等商学院(HEC)和伦敦商学院(London Business School)分别巩固了自己在英国《金融时报》“无工作经验要求”和“有工作经验要求”金融硕士项目排行榜上的领先地位。自2011年首次发布这两个金融教育排行榜以来,这两所商学院一直在榜单上名列前茅。
The top ten billionaires rake in a net worth of approximately 505.4billion dollars.
Starbucks, up 49 per cent to 21 in the ranking, has evolved from a café to a place where people can hang out all day since it now sells breakfast, lunch and evening meals, accompanied by alcohol in some places.
As well as dancing, she has her eye on singing and acting - she has already acted in the TV shows Drop Dead Diva and Austin & Ally.
《患难与共》(Togetherness),HBO,1月11日播出。HBO台的周日晚间喜剧组合中已经有了20出头的纽约女人(《都市女孩》[Girls]第四季第一集将在同一天晚上播出),还有快到30岁的旧金山男同性恋(《寻》[Looking]也在当天开播第二季)。现在又来了30多岁的洛杉矶异性恋者们。这部有点阴郁的半小时喜剧来自杰伊(Jay)和马克·杜普拉斯(Mark Duplass),兄弟俩曾经合拍过《肥大的椅子》(The Puffy Chair)和《纸袋头》(Baghead)等诡异的电影。马克·杜普拉斯和梅兰妮·林斯基(Melanie Lynskey)饰演一对夫妻,和杜普拉斯最好的朋友(史蒂夫·齐西斯[Steve Zissis]饰演)与林斯基的姊妹(阿曼达·皮特[Amanda Peet]饰)合住一栋房子。
节目10 歌曲《茉莉花》,宋祖英 席琳-迪翁
Officials with the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) said the film industry in China kept a steady development momentum in 2016 amid the "new normal" of the country's economic development.
This quiet, intense Israeli film unfolds like a psychological thriller. A poetry-loving teacher discovers that one of her young pupils is a literary prodigy, and takes increasingly extreme measures to protect his gift from an indifferent world. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Mr. Lapid is engaged in a stealthy, ferocious critique of a society that has sacrificed its spiritual values and its cultural inheritance on the altar of power and materialism.
10.American Hustle
6. Untitled Detroit Riots film

Dispute at Tejeros Election.
Dispute at Tejeros Election.
Bonifacio then declared the entire convention null and void – violating his own oath to respect the results of the elections, an oath that he as president of the convention had administered to everyone. He and the Magdiwang officers then wrote out the Acta de Tejeros, proclaiming loudly that cheating had occurred (and as Glen Anthony May points out, cheating was a congenital and endemic part of local government elections in the Spanish colonial period) and that the convention was void. Yet the Magdiwang had won big in the elections: 7 of 9 electoral seats went to Magdiwang officers. Only Emilio and Baldomero had won for the Magdalo (which leads one to question WHO EXACTLY had been cheating).

排行榜的最新单曲有Shawn的《There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back》,击败DJ Khaled 的《Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna》和Ed Sheeran的热播曲目《shape of you》,以及放了播破纪录Addy Yankee & Luis Fonsi的《Despacito》。
n. 流通,循环,发行量,消息传播
Emma Thompson, a two-time winner for Howards End and Sense and Sensibility, famously keeps hers in the loo: “They look far too outré anywhere else. They’re great big, gold, shiny things.” She’s not alone – Susan Sarandon, Lionel Richie and Sean Connery all claim to keep their golden fellas alongside their bidets and baths.
Eleven James:
Annual prices had been rising as much as 9.6 per cent at the start of this year but they've cooled since then as the economy slows and many mid-sized Chinese cities suffer from a glut of apartments.
Recipient: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Rounding out the top three is Fleetwood Mac at $59.5 million. Though the band contains three men, it also boasts two high-profile ladies—Stevie Nicks and the recently-returned Christine McVie—rendering the group eligible for this list. Its On With The Show tour included 86 concerts during our scoring period, grossing well over $1 million per city.
8.A New iPhone
London Business School is top of the 2014 FT ranking of European business schools, regaining the position it last held in 2005. LBS pushed the 2013 joint winners HEC Paris and Spain’s IE Business School into second and third places respectively.
Chinese people are intelligent and hardworking and they have an inexhaustible drive for pursuing a better life for themselves. The government needs to create the enabling environment for our people to fully use their talent and initiative.
单词authorization 联想记忆:

Tom Petty
n. 部分,份,命运,分担的责任
The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain sound, the capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage of commercial bans remain high, and we have many financial tools and instruments that can be used. We have the confidence, the ability, and the means to forestall systemic risks.
According to the announcement, the new administrative center in Tongzhou will put infrastructure upgrades and ecological improvement on top of the agenda. The municipal government hopes to improve public services in education, healthcare, cultural events and industries in the district.
3所在这份榜单上叱咤多年的重量级学府——哈佛商学院(HBS)、伦敦商学院(LBS)和麻省理工斯隆管理学院(MIT Sloan School of Management)的排名下滑。哈佛商学院的排名下降两个位次,今年排在第四,这是这所位于波士顿的学府9年来首次跌出前三甲。伦敦商学院下滑3个位次,排在第六,为14年来最低。麻省理工斯隆管理学院的排名下滑至第13位,为10年来首次跌出前10。
Gary Oldman on blistering form as Winston Churchill.
“Lotte will hurt the Chinese people and the consequences could be severe,” said the report, which followed a string of government probes into the company’s business interests in China.
Guangdong has cemented its position as the country's largest provincial economy for the 28th consecutive year, with its gross domestic product (GDP) exceeding 7.9 trillion yuan in 2016.
6. Photojournalist
Industry Kitchen是位于纽约市南街海港的一间餐厅,你可以在这里购买到这款24K黄金比萨,其售价高达2000美元。顾名思义,黄金披萨因为覆盖了24k黄金金片而闻名。
2.Yeah, I’ll start working on that ASAP! – Because telling you I have 10 things to do first would just irritate you。
The committee *bestowed the award upon Yoshinori Ohsumi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, for his research on *autophagy, which is a self-eating process seen in cells.
Despite China's rise, an "innovation divide" persists between developed and developing countries amid increasing awareness among policymakers that fostering innovation is crucial to a vibrant, competitive economy.
国际机器人联合会主席Junji Tsuda在他的《全球工业机器人市场》报告中指出,在2017年,全球约有38.7万台工业机器人售出,同比增长31%,创造了500亿美元的收入,而中国则是这一强劲增长背后的关键驱动因素之一。
'Her,' which was written and directed by Spike Jonze, takes romance into the virtual realm, and its hero on a gently crazed journey of genuine passion. Joaquin Phoenix is the poignantly lonely guy who falls in love with his smartphone's new operating system. The basic conceit is a fragile one, but it's beautifully and bravely developed, as well as elegantly photographed by Hoyte Van Hoytema, with perfectly calibrated performances by Mr. Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson, who is that system's voice and soul.

Gongloff piles on the bad news about 2014: GDP 'grew at a 1.8% annualized pace in the first quarter ... revising down its earlier estimate of 2.4% growth ... The first quarter's dismal growth was at least better than the 0.4% GDP growth of the fourth quarter of 2012. But it was still far from healthy, and economists don't see it getting much stronger any time soon.' And that's real bad news for the markets going into 2014.
As he scanned the Internet for knowledge, D'Aloisio decided that what he really needed was a better way to determine, at a glance, what was worth reading. He envisioned a summarization tool that used language theory to give a meaningful synopsis in fewer than 400 characters.
But top managers at companies in the fields of scientific research and technology services saw their pay decrease by 4.2%.
单词compromise 联想记忆:

The ranking measures the quality and breadth of the schools’ postgraduate programmes. Schools must take part in all four rankings to be eligible for a full score. LBS rose from third last year by participating in all four rankings for the first time.
2. The new one childplus policy will substantially raise the birth rate, contributing up to 2million new children to the 2014 economy, a 15 percent one-year lift that willonly further boost consumer morale and spirit.
The government-sponsored students have signed an agreement that says they are required to reimburse the government if they do not return home after completing their studies, said Xiong Binqi, vice president of 21st Century Education Research Institute.

The US has the most universities of any country in the overall ranking, with 221 schools earning a spot. The countries with the next-highest numbers of schools in the ranking are China and Japan with 136 and 76, respectively.
Release date: Spring 2015
Foreign property investment by Chinese companies plunged by 84 per cent last month, as Beijing’s capital controls choked off the flow of foreign acquisitions.

While this may have satiated the bloodthirsty need for vengeance on the part of the revolutionary leaders, virtually all of whom saw Bonifacio as the reason for their failing fortunes in Cavite, it did not change the downward spiral of the conflict. Aguinaldo was forced to flee Cavite, heading north past Manila to Bulakan province where he linked up with revolutionary generals fighting the Spaniards in Central Luzon. Meanwhile, Polavieja asked for and was granted relief – the fighting had worn him out. He was replaced by Capitan General Fernando Primo de Rivera, whose nephew Miguel accompanied him to the Philippines. Miguel would later become dictator of Spain before Franco.

Jackdaw Research的简?道森(Jan Dawson)表示,最近几个月“他表现得更加意气风发和充满自信”。
adj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的
普斯·格洛(Pussy Galore)在本书中回归,这也是首次有邦女郎在邦德身边昙花一现后,拥有了自己的故事线。
For: It picked up the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival, often a key awards indicator.
n. 检查,视察
The drama and the original game have a large fan base and enjoy great popularity in China, and even elsewhere in Asia.
Cheng further says, "once you find a list that fits your needs, just tap on the list to see suggested locations. Then swipe right or left to see more options and tap 'read more' or the arrow at the bottom of the screen to select a venue and get more details.".
LeBron is invulnerable to age
The line of prescriptive frames and sunglasses, named “DVF | Made for Glass,” costs upwards of $1,600. Google has already partnered with Luxottica, the eyewear conglomerate behind Ray-Ban and several high-fashion eyewear offerings such as Prada. It also hired fashion executive Ivy Ross, most recently the chief marketing officer of, to lead its Glass team.

Friends count too
According to the country's film regulator, China's box office sales have boosted a whopping 48.7 percent in the last year alone.

The UK and France are the two powerhouses of business education in Europe. Nearly half of the schools listed are from either the UK (20) or France (19). French MiMs outperform UK programmes in terms of ranking, salary ($55,000 versus $49,000) and student numbers (9,000 versus 1,200). However, UK MBAs outdo French programmes in terms of numbers (18 schools in this ranking versus five) and student numbers (1,900 versus 1,300) though not in terms of salary ($115,000 versus $137,000).
n. 代表,副手
在周二发布的一份研究报告中,行业组织国际金融协会(Institute of International Finance)经济学家罗宾?克普克(Robin Koepke)表示,投资者、新兴市场政策制定者以及美联储自身都忽视了美国利率在引发新兴国家汇率、银行及债务危机方面的作用。
罗宾威格尔斯沃思(Robin Wigglesworth)
单词brace 联想记忆:
200911/88512.shtmlA love letter to a US college student from the girlfriend who was to become his wife is finally on its way to him - 53 years after it was written in 1958.
3. 3M
The International Organization for Migration says the number of migrants and refugees entering Europe in 2015 has gone over the one million mark, the largest influx of its kind since the end of World War Two.

Following the American victory at Manila Bay, Aguinaldo returned to the Philippines on an American warship. His return triggered a widespread uprising by the native rebels who leaped upon the weakend and unsupported Spanish garrisons across the archipelago and quickly overwhelmed them. Spanish forces in Cavite were defeated at the Battle of Alapan, where the newly designed Philippine flag was first unfurled. To the astonishment of Dewey and the Spanish administration, Aguinaldo was able to secure most of Luzon and the Visayas except for tiny hold-out garrisons at Baler, Zamboanga and of course the “faithful and ever loyal” city of Manila.

6.Gal Gadot
But the impact of corporate stinginess can go beyond simply ruining employees’ lunar new year holiday, possibly coming back to bite employers: 39 per cent of respondents said they would look for work elsewhere if their year-end bonus was not up to snuff, an increase of 2.3 percentage points from 2015.

Switzerland, Sweden and the UK again occupied the top three slots in the ranking. Fifteen of the top 25 economies in the GII come from Europe.
Barrymore's condition was based on the real life of Michelle Philpots, who suffered head trauma in two separate motor vehicle accidents, which left her with a 24-hour memory. Rather than using Sandler's tapes, Philpots has survived for over 23 years using Post-it notes and her (amazingly modern, from her perspective) mobile phone.
The studio says it has taken the step because the boy declined to remove a YouTube video he published which promoted how to use the software.
‘Jordan,’ ‘harley,’ ‘robert,’ ‘matthew,’ ‘daniel,’ ‘andrew,’ ‘andrea,’ and ‘joshua’ all made it on the list – along with ‘football,’ and ‘lakers.’

American troops raise the flag at Fuerte de San Antonio de Abad, Malate (1899).
American troops raise the flag at Fuerte de San Antonio de Abad, Malate (1899).
The succeeding months saw a rapid deterioration of the relationship between the two erstwhile allies, Aguinaldo’s Filipinos and the American military. The Benevolent Assimilation proclamation made it clear that the Americans were there to stay and hopes that the American anti-war movement would be able to prevent the U.S.Congress from ratifying the Treaty of Paris, which sold the islands to America for $20-million, were dashed by the outbreak of hostilities between February 4 and 5, 1899. A bloody war of counterinsurgency began with the Filipinos – and a good number of Spaniards that had joined them (many willing and some quite unwilling and forced) found themselves facing an enemy that would make the Tagalog Revolt seem like a bar-room brawl. The Philippine-American War, America’s first true overseas war of attrition, had begun.
This is to differentiate it from the later, more highly organized Philippine Army of Liberation. The Katipunan troops were essentially a clan/tribal force centering around the local council and its officers. There were some officers that fulfilled a military role and others that were in an administrative occupation, yet still holding rank.

7. 举重训练可以帮助提高长期记忆力
However they went ahead with plans to send 100,000 anti-Pyongyang leaflets.
4. Life Expectancy


节目24 土耳其风情舞蹈《火》,土耳其火舞舞蹈团

Opinion: China’s Commercial Aerospace Dream Edges Closer To Reality

Here are some of the year's pinnacles and potholes:
Kobe Bryant

傲人的财务业绩和令人炫目的新科技,或许已足以让这位钢铁般坚定的苹果首席执行官赢得英国《金融时报》2014年年度人物(Person of the Year)的称号。但库克阐述自己价值观的勇气,同样让他与众不同。
AMC频道的《广告狂人》(Mad Men)也是如此。该剧演到了第七季,剧中人物和20世纪60年代的背景似乎已被挖掘干净,不过它仍在让观众猜测结局,结局要到明年才播出。《黑道家族》(The Sopranos)结局模糊。《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)以沃尔特·怀特(Walter White)死去告终。现在,隐约显现的下一个电视谜题是唐·德雷珀(Don Draper)的最后时刻——究竟是死去还是活着。

Tech giant Tencent's founder Pony Ma topped the list, with a fortune of 279 billion yuan, followed by Alibaba's Jack Ma, and Evergrande Group's Xu Jiayin, with their personal worth reaching 260 billion yuan, and 229 billion yuan, respectively.
What’s more, in recognition of their working on the bizarre properties of matter in extreme states and taking their research all the way down to an atomic scale, the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three British-born scientists who currently work in the US.

n. 隧道,地道
Many years before Bryan played "Walter White" on Breaking Bad, he and his brother worked in a restaurant in Florida. The head chef was a very mean man. In a 2011 podcast for Marc Maron, Cranston described him saying "No matter how nice you may have been to him, he hated you." Not surprisingly, all the wait staff routinely discussed how they wanted to kill him. Cranston says it was "all they talked about!"

Hope all your New Year dreams come true!愿你所有的新年想都成真!

Project management.
单词entertainment 联想记忆:

IE商学院的在线MBA持续吸引着高素质的学员。其半数校友在入读时为高管级别,为所有上榜学院中比例最高的。该学院的在线MBA学员在毕业3年后的平均年薪最高,为17.9万美元,比薪资排第二位的(巴布森学院(Babson College)奥林商学院(Olin Business School))高出约3万美元。
碧昂丝vs. 珍妮弗·洛佩兹

When Aguinaldo declared war on the Americans he integrated Katipunan forces, here wearing Spanish uniforms, into his army. In the right of the photo, a Filipino flag can be seen with its distinctive Sun, the emblem of which evolved from Katipunan flags.
When Aguinaldo declared war on the Americans he integrated Katipunan forces, here wearing Spanish uniforms, into his army. In the right of the photo, a Filipino flag can be seen with its distinctive Sun, the emblem of which evolved from Katipunan flags.
There was also an artillery casting foundery under the Chinese-Filipino general Jose Ignacio Paua which made small cannon called ‘lankata’.

There is some evidence (Sr.Santiago Alvarez’s memoirs – Alvarez was leader of the Magdiwang Council of Cavite and in-law to the Supremo Andres Bonfacio) that the Magdiwang troops were dressed in some sort of black uniform with red distinctives/rank badges, while the Magdalo troops copied the Spanish mil-raya / rayadillo uniform. The Tagalog Revolt era was very much a ‘Game of Thrones’ type affair of warlords with local councils being virtually autonomous of Bonifacio’s Manila Katipunan, though the Supremo was still afforded respect, and there was little to 我国成最大建材生产消费国 政企联动促产业绿色转型. Katipuneros would have worn their own civilian clothes, possibly with rank and group distinctives or used captured Spanish guerera uniforms and Remington webbing to achieve a more martial look. Most photographs show the use of white or rayadillo four-pocket jackets with side-slits for pistol and sword in Spanish military style.

Filipino Heritage (ed.Alfredo Roces) particularly the following:
Vol 8 – Night of Heroes (1896-1900)
Vol 7 – The Awakening (late 19th Century)
Vol 6 – Roots of National Identity (18th/19th Centuries)
Vol 5 – Bajo las Campanas (17th/18th Centuries)
Filipinos at War – Carlos Quirino
A Question of Heroes – Nick Joaquin
The First Filipino – Leon Ma.Guerrero
Paghihimagsik Nang 1896-1897 – Isagani Medina
The Truth about Aguinaldo and other Heroes – Alfredo B. Saulo
The Katipunan and the Revolution: Memoirs of a General – Santiago Alvarez (memoirs)
The Memoirs of General Artemio Ricarte – Artemio Ricarte (memoirs)
The Tinio Brigade: Anti American Resistance in the Ilocos Provinces, 1899-1901 – Orlino Ochosa
Inventing a Hero: The Posthumous Recreation of Andres Bonifacio – Glen Anthony May
Great Filipino Battles – Monina Mercado

Little Brown Brother – Leon Wolff
Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines 1899-1903 – Stuart Creighton Miller
In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines – Stanley Karnow
Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines – David Haward Bain
The Philippine War 1899-1902 – Brian McAllister Linn
Inside the Spanish-American War: A History Based on First-Person Accounts – James McCaffrey
Uncle Sam’s Little Wars: The Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and Boxer Rebellion, 1898-1902 (G.I. Series) – John Langellier
Spanish-American War (Brassey’s History of Uniforms) – Ron Field
The Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection – Alejandro de Quesada for Osprey Militaria
San Juan Hill 1898: America’s Emergence as a World Power – Angus Konstam for Osprey Militaria
Roosevelt’s Rough Riders – Alejandro de Quesada for Osprey Militaria
Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare – Daniel Marston, Carter Malkasian
Colorado Volunteer Infantry in the Philippine Wars – Geoffrey Hunt
Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars – Spencer C. Tucker (ed.)
Under the Red and Gold – Martin Cerezo
Empire By Default – Ivan Musicant
The War with Spain in 1898 – David Trask
The Savage Wars of Peace – Max Boot
The American Rifle – Alexander Rose
The Rise and Fall of Antonio Luna – Vivencio Jose
As our might grows less: The Philippine-American War in Context – Jose Amiel Palma Angeles (thesis)
Warfare by Pulong – Glen Anthony May (article)
The Filipino Junta in Hong Kong, 1898-1903: History of a Revolutionary Organization – Ronald Bell (thesis)

The Philippine American War – Arnaldo Dumindin – 楼盘摇号名单半数是企业 五城出台措施限制企业买房
Spanish-American War Centennial Website –
Los Rayadillos: The Spanish Colonial Uniform Research Project – William K. Combs
权益销售站上5000亿之后 碧桂园翻开公司发展新篇章
The Kahimyang Book Archive:
二线城市房企“抢地战” 苏州南京现天量成交