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Marc Jacobs Releases Short Film Chronicling His Life in Lockdown

The Wes Anderson-esque film stars Jacobs in every role.

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Marc Jacobs Releases Short Film Chronicling His Life in Lockdown

The Wes Anderson-esque film stars Jacobs in every role.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit New York City in the beginning of March, Marc Jacobs retreated to the Mercer Hotel, the Soho institution that’s hosted guests ranging from Anna Delvey to Travis Scott. Jacobs was one of three people who holed up at the hip hotel and, starved for a creative outlet, decided to film his first 90 days in lockdown.

Filmed by assistant and longtime collaborator Nick NewboldA New York Story is a 24-minute journey through Jacobs’ day-to-day quarantine activities, from bathing his Instagram-famous dog Neville to eating takeout. Taking cues from the slice-of-life genre, the fictionalized depiction of Jacobs’ life features a humorous creative choice — the designer plays himself as well as supporting cast members including hotel reception, a maintenance person and a bouncer at the Mercer’s nightclub, Submercer. All are impeccably dressed in a mix of Mercer Hotel uniforms and Marc Jacobs ware.

Watch Marc Jacobs’ A New York Story above.

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