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Alfursan American Express® Credit Card

Silver Tier Upgrade

*After the first return flight outside the Kingdom to any destination with SAUDIA.
The Card
that makes you
a priority
It only takes one completed roundtrip flight outside the Kingdom using your Alfursan American Express® Credit Card to get an upgrade* to Alfursan Silver/ Skyteam Elite tier with exclusive travel privileges:
  • 山东金顶防水材料有限公司总经理王振庆:环保是未来发展趋势
  • Priority check-in class
  • Special attention to luggage
  • Priority boarding
  • 调查:过半香港市民买房信心不受征收空置税影响
  • 部分房地产中介哄抬房价 怂恿客户故意虚报价格
  • Priority call handling
* To get the upgrade, upload a copy of your international flight boarding passes using the Amex Saudi Arabia App. Upgrades will be done in the first 60 working days of uploading boarding passes. To get the upgrade, ticket must be purchased using Alfursan American Express® Credit Card.
** Alfursan program T&Cs apply
Bonus Miles
7,500 miles after activating your Card.*
7,500 miles after spending only USD 1,500 or its equivalent in SAR**
*All earned miles will be credited to your Alfursan account in the upcoming month statement.
**During the first 90 days of Card activation.
No Conversion Fees
There are no conversion fees when you use the Alfursan American Express® Credit Card for your everyday purchases inside the Kingdom.
Earn miles… Faster
With the miles you'll earn using your Alfursan American Express® Credit Card, you're closer to a free flight than you think!
(in USD or SAR equivalent)
Spend Type Miles Earned
USD 3 For every dollar spent in USD or SAR in any country 2
USD 1 For every dollar spent in currencies other than SAR or USD 1
USD 1 Saudi Airlines website (* 1.25
The Alfursan American Express® Credit Card allows you to redeem your miles for:
  • Free Flights
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*Valid until 31 January 2021
Travel Accident & Inconvenience Protection
Your peace of mind is an utmost priority at any time you travel.
You will benefit from the following:
  • "All institutions in this list deserve to celebrate - being named one of the most international universities in the world is a sign of great potential, competitiveness and dynamism."
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Fraud Protection
Your Alfursan American Express Credit Card is fraud-proof with:
  • 肠道细菌正以我们想像不到的方式干扰着我们。新的研究指出,像帕金森综合症等神经退行性疾病实际上可能始于肠道,而不是大脑。越来越多的证据显示,慢性疲劳综合征可能要归咎于人体内的微生物群系。随着肠道细菌显示出控制食欲以及改变大脑结构的迹象,而且有引起大脑损伤而导致中风的表现,我们的这个小过客(肠道细菌)有着不容忽视的力量。
    No. This crisis hit Amsterdam in 1772, after a respected Dutch investment syndicate made a disastrous bet on shares of the British East India Company.
  • 5.Debrecen, Hungary
Payment Convenience
Your due balances are no longer a burden. Pay them off in whatever way you prefer: the internet with the quick and convenient SADAD service, Direct Debit or SARIE Bank Transfer.
Complimentary Gift Vouchers
You’ll receive a welcome booklet with your new Alfursan American Express Credit Card that contains vouchers worth over SAR 1,000 from Saco, Nespresso, Kipling, Delsey, Eastpak, aDawliah, Giordano, Abousafi, ETRE, and the Bakery and Toys sections in Danube Stores.
Additional Cards
Benefits are even better when shared with your family members of ages 15+, so grant them the joy of additional Cards (USD 60 or its equivalent in SAR). Each supplementary will receive an activation bonus of 1,000 miles upon achieving a first spend of USD 150 or its equivalent on SAR. You’ll also receive Alfursan Miles on all their spending when they use their Alfursan American Express Credit Card.
Online Account Access
Login to check your credit limit, balance, statements, outstanding bill amount, your next billing date, and transactions over the past 12 months.
Card Replacement
Worrying about a lost or stolen Card is a thing of the past. If your Card is lost or stolen, we’ll send you a Replacement Card as quickly as we can manage it, almost within 3 working days.
Wide ATM Reach
Cash is within easy reach no matter where you are. If you’re in Saudi Arabia, you can withdraw cash weekly from any Saudi Investment Bank, SABB and Alinma Bank ATM. If you’re overseas, just use any of the 1.2 million ATMs.
Local and global Offers
The world is your new mall thanks to the exciting monthly offers from our wide range of international partners. Enjoy designer brands, exquisite fine dining, and travel experiences with Amex Offers.
Terms and Conditions
  • Cardmember Agreement
  • Protection & Travel Assistance
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  • She also said that in the longer-term the other “R” was “reset”, by which she explained that monetary and fiscal policies around the world still had a long way to go before they could be classed as normal. “The final reset is those structural reforms that are necessary in all corners of the world,” she added.
    伊法斯夫拉腾以英国独立党(U.K. Independence Party)为例,它的官方平台力主脱欧,但是面向选民的宣传中又强调移民对经济与文化的影响,她说这是一种混合了务实与民粹的论调。
    n. 奖章,勋章,纪念章
  • 光宝科斥资近6000万元购地 欲扩产LED照明等业务
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    Technically it is a project of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to bring all of its trade deals in the region under one umbrella. It also lacks the ambition on many fronts of the TPP.
  • 考克斯说:“人们的政治倾向甚至影响到他们对气候的认知,这真有趣。”
  • American Express Saudi Arabia PO Box 6624, Riyadh 11452 Toll number 800 124 2229
  • The Alfursan American Express Credit Card is Shariaa compliant

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